BabyMubarak Presents LLP is the first and only brand in India creating handmade marvels in pure cotton too for infants, in addition to the very famous woolen handmade products for babies produced in our country. Needless to say, people look at knitted and crocheted products and immediately relate them to woolen pieces only, not realizing that cotton creations can also be handmade, in knitting and crocheting patterns!!

Hence, this article by us. A unique new product requires awareness and we are about to provide just that with this publication.


  • Cotton handmade marvels are rare & difficult to manufacture. They take double the time and effort.
  • There are negligible cotton yarn (especially pure cotton baby yarn/thread) manufacturers in India,  On top of that, whichever ones are available aren’t soft enough or color fast.
  • The ones that provide this specialized yarn are difficult to find. They don’t even have regular counters/kiosks at yarn shops like woolen yarn companies offer. Hence, there is no awareness.
  • Where woolen knitted products are a necessity for India’s cold harsh winters for the baby, cotton handmade products are a luxury. For a fact, necessities are known to all but luxury to only a few aware.

Therefore, companies and brands make no effort to push something that unique into the market. BabyMubarak has taken the initiative and hopes to reach out to as many people as possible and people to reach back with their doubts and queries.


  • Products handmade in cotton are very light and breezyfor the baby. Like woolen handmade clothes  provide extra warmth and a snug feel, cotton creations are polar opposite, providing extra lightness  and bounce for a very summery attire.
  • The patterns which reveal themselves in handmade cotton products look way too prettier with their  thin threads, delicacy and fineness than woolen handmade clothes.
  • The ready-made cotton clothes for your baby which you find in the market are of lower quality. Even  international brands’ fabric may fade over a couple of washes also because of the fact that a new baby  is messy with his/her clothes. Handmade cotton clothes may get finer over time, with each wash  helping the patterns open up more like a blooming rose.
  • A light hand wash of the clothes is sufficientto remove all stains.
  • Last but not the least, they are an asset in any baby’s wardrobe! Handmade creation is an art long  lost!
  • They never lose their sheen. You can pass them on to another newborn, and then another for countless  generations! Timeless!


  • India’s first and only brand to offer pure cotton handmade marvels for infants
  • We offer limited editions
  • There is no color bleeding after the first two washes(The first wash and block done by  BabyMubarak)
  • ·         Highest quality of threads and yarns
  • ·         Beautiful patterns chosen for the most delicate babies
  • ·         Specialized designs for summers
  • ·         Utmost care is taken to provide the final products with no flaws
  • ·         We emphasize on the importance of the lost art of hand-knitting
  • ·         We empower countless Indian women with this initiative

Therefore, buying from us will help us boost the dying art of knitting and crocheting, apart from you getting Type A service from our brand!