Wedding Venues are the most important aspect that makes the big day special. It is an important decision that influences the budget, decorations, vendors, the attire and even the guests. It not only involves a lot of expense but also sets the tone of the whole ceremony. The hardest part to pick the right place is the initial research as the venue becomes the third character to narrate the wedding story.

Insights of how to choose the perfect wedding venue for the special day are listed below:

  1. Estimation of the number of people to be invited:

To draft the guest list is the first thing to do as this will give a fair idea of the wedding size.

The Wedding Venues mostly have a maximum number of guest accommodation capacities.

  1. Budget of  the Wedding Venue:

The whole wedding ceremony will have a budget range. It has to be decided how much should be spent on the venue. The experts or the top wedding planning companies say that not more than 50% budget should be spent on the venue.

  1. Selection of the Wedding Date:

Wedding dates can impact the selection of the Wedding Venue. The time of the year and the length of the program are directly proportional to the pricing. The popular ones get booked out soon during the wedding seasons so it is important to call them up and check for the availability.

  1. Location of the Wedding Venue:

The geographic location of the venue plays an important role. A good location and ample connectivity will help the guests to travel to the venue. If it is a remote location, the distance of the venue from the railway station or the highway needs to be kept in mind.

  1. Landscape or the layout of the venue:

The venue that needs to be selected should have designated areas for the ceremony, a banquet hall for food and beverages and accommodation facilities based on the requirement. If it is a destination wedding, then there should be ample of accommodation for the guests. It is always fascinating to have a garden or an open area in the venue as it gives a feeling of having the event in a resort. Parking is another facility that one needs to look for before finalizing the venue.

  1. Checking for the Venue restrictions:

Many venues have restrictions like booking there in house catering. This is usually an expensive affair and has limited control over the quality of food and alcohol. This might lead to compromising on the many facts and might push the budget more than planned.

  1. Hiring Wedding Planners:

In today’s fast paced world, it is a good decision to hire a wedding planner. They offer attractive wedding deals and therefore there are chances for saving a lot of money. The wedding packages designed by them usually have various budget range based on the venue, decorations, and food arrangements. Hiring the right wedding planner will ease the pressure of arranging everything by oneself and enjoying the big day as much as the guests.