Traveling is a great opportunity to discover the scenic bounty each region around the world has to offer. To freeze such moments in time is on every travel bug’s subconscious to-do list. Whether it is the scenery, the vibrant food, markets or monuments, one always has the need to capture them to reminiscence later. It can also be a proof that you have been there and done that. Nevertheless, when you are traveling solo, it presents a huge question mark as to who will take your photos and how to get a great shot minus the fuss. Following are some handy tips for some hassle-free photography on the road.

Investing in a tripod can come in handy if you want a great shot of a landscape with you in the foreground. Buy a tripod that is lightweight and is easy to backpack. Hoist the camera on your tripod and set a timer while you adjust your position in the frame. However, you might want to avoid using your tripod in an area bustling with tourists.

Investing in a selfie-stick is also another option that is trending nowadays for all those self-indulging moments. You don’t have to worry about having a bad shot if you carry this prop. However, avoid using much of the selfie-stick in a busy area. People might take you in the wrong way as being self-obsessed. On the other hand, why would you want to take a picture yourself when you can very well ask someone to take one with you?

As mentioned above, approach other people to take a photo of you. Be friendly, approachable and try to be as non-demanding as possible. You can take a photo by yourself and tell the person that you want something like that only with you in it. Ask a person with an SLR, as there are chances that he knows photography and won’t give you a bad shot. If not, you can take some time to tell them how to take a good shot and make sure that you personally have done the settings right, before handing it over to them. If you meet another solo traveller, offering to take a photo of him/her would be a welcome reciprocal gesture.

You can also take photos by keeping your camera on various surfaces like your bag, ground, stone or table. It will give an interesting angle to your photo. Make sure that you can capture what you want with that angle and that it is not a bustling area.

Sign into group activities/tours, if you are traveling solo. You can ask other group members to take photos of you and they will be willing to do so. If you are assigned a tour guide, you can ask him/her too.

You need not have a high-end camera or an SLR to take great photos. Sometimes for moments like candid shots, stray objects and exciting sights, using your usual portable mini-camera or tablet can come in handy. Unless you are a professional photographer on a travel assignment, using various tools to capture moments shouldn’t be a bother.

Take a lot of pictures. It is much feasible to take a stack of photos and then delete the ones that are blurred, off-angle, out of focus or photobombed. There is nothing worse than taking only one photo of that moment and realizing on your return that it has come bad.

Happy Solo Traveling!