I begin my 40 day juice/protein fast today. I am 52, 6'5", 307lbs. I am looking forward to all of the benefits of fasting and this one in particular. I have fasted before in fact I used to fast 3 days a month for about two years. I have also gone 7 days and 40 days about 20 years ago. Using the Feast and EAS Protein powder with water will enable me to sustain this fast without endangering my overall health. In fact my health will improve as I detox and get closer to my ideal weight of 240 lbs.

I am most excited about get closer to God through the spiritual sensitivity that comes by fasting. Also having more time will enable me to spend more time in prayer and the Word. I want to try to make time for an hour a day of extended prayer. I try to commune with God throughout the day but have been looking to spend more time again in extended prayer and Bible study.

Well the family has just finished dinner, I'm hungry, and that is good! I'm going to the church for a meeting with some of the other Pastors and to exhort at our 7:30 service. I'm looking forward to it.

Grace and Peace,