Tiger Woods & The Adorable Tiger Trophy Robert Laberge/Getty Images 

For a while it seemed the golf world had reconciled itself to life without Tiger Woods.  Some were even saying the sport was better without him. After all, the game has a host of charismatic, young stars with massive talents and compelling personalities so why dwell on the days when one man so dominated the fairways that the extraordinary exploits of others were all but overlooked?  

There was, in fact, a pragmatic acceptance among avid fans, that golf had entered the post-Tiger era. Some such fans appeared to move on without regret, convincing themselves that this stable of emerging stars would fill the void left by the one who once ruled. 

Meanwhile, despite the weekly appearance of deep and accomplished fields, it seems that even avid fans were left with an unrequited longing for what once was. As for casual fans... many of them lost interest altogether. 

So, The tsunami of excitement that's currently inundating the golf spaces on social media should come as no surprise. As Tiger Woods prepares to tee off for the first time in way too long, it's clear that the pent up demand for Tiger Woods is very real. 

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