Here it is......If you want body transformation and weight loss maintenance in the coming year, read the following (there are no tricks or scams)....

Top 10 Weight Loss Maintenance Articles This Year:

30-Day Weight Loss Starvation Diets are Misery

Have you been on a "30-Day weight loss only?"  How has it been working for you?  If you lost weight, now what are you going to do? Another 30-Day diet? You still have a lifetime to go.

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10 Tips to Boost Metabolism and Weight Loss

How many times have you said, "It's my metabolism?" That's true but why are you gaining weight?  That's more complicated.  

Weight Loss Stops with Negative Self Talk

Negativity stops your progress in all areas, including weight loss.  What are you telling yourself as it relates to losing weight and transforming your body? Hopefully, you’re telling yourself positive things and the facts.

10 ACTIONS to Break Your Weight Loss Plateau

Although transforming your body is more about fat loss than weight loss, you still want to see the weigh scale number decreasing. If you have stopped burning fat and losing weight, something needs to CHANGE with your program. But what?

10 Tips to STOP Procrastinating on Body Transformation Goals

Your awesome body transformation goals can be stopped by one thing---procrastination. It doesn't matter if the goals are weight loss, weight gain or sport specific---many times the clients' goals are hindered by "something else" going on in their lives. Of course, the ultimate goal is for you to have a healthy, lean body and not just weight loss.   But, you have to get started!

Top REGULAR Weight Loss Secret

Ready for the big secret on how to lose weight and keep it off?  Here it is.....Make Regular Adjustments (daily if necessary) to your eating, activity, exercise, lifestyle habits, etc.    Sound boring?  Yeah, maybe, but would you rather hear lies that don't work and keep you getting fatter?  

10 Signs You're Starving and Over-Training to Lose Weight

Are you starving yourself and working out like crazy just to lose weight? Is it worth it?

How Glycemic Index and Carbs Affect Weight Loss

Being aware of the glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) of certain foods can help you control your glycemic response fat loss and weight loss.

Weight Loss STOPS with THIS DIET

Severe calorie restriction diets and quick weight loss will leave you fatter and less healthy in the long-run. When you begin to eat adequately again, you will regain the weight.

5 Tips for Major Weight Loss and Health Regeneration

If you thought you had too far to go to lose major body fat and body weight, think again!    DeeDee lost over 250 pounds using my training and nutrition methods!  

Make the coming year your best body transformation year ever.....start today!

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