Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016

Every year I look forward to this post. It is fun to see which recipes made the Top 20 Most Popular Recipes. These are my 2016 Reader’s Favorites. So many great ones didn’t make the list, but everything here was absolutely amazing, so I can see why they did so well.

1. Philly Cheesesteak Sliders  – Posted in January

These melt in your mouth Philly Cheesesteak Sliders make an appearance at our house frequently. My teens love ’em and they are literally mess making but delicious.

Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016 Philly Cheesesteak Sliders

2. Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Chicken Roll Ups – Posted in June

This was a wonderful recipe made better with some help with Tyson! I cannot tell you how much we loved these cheesy, bacon, spiced up chicken roll ups. We tossed ours on the grill and just staring at this photo makes me want to fire up the grill. Yes, even in our 20 degree weather right now.

Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016 Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Chicken Roll Ups

3. Creamy Jello Ice Cream – Posted in March

This is one of my favorite go to recipes for homemade ice cream. It’s great because you can make it with any flavor so you just change it up how you want it and voila! Creamy homemade ice cream.

Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016 Creamy Jello Ice Cream

4. Texas Sheet Cake Cookies – Posted in July

These were absolutely amazing. This was not my original recipe, but done for Secret Recipe club and it’s a recipe we’ve made several times since! You have to try these!

Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016 Texas Sheetcake Cookies

5. Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad – Posted in September

We have been making this for years. It is traditional at our home for just about any summer BBQ or tailgating event! Seriously delicious filling!

Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016 Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

6. Crockpot Beefy Meatballs – Posted in November

I knew when I posted this, if anyone made it they’d be in heaven. These meatballs literally melt in your mouth and are perfect alone, on top of pasta or on sliders which we love them on! These are such a great addition to your recipe arsenal!

Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016 Crockpot Beefy Meatballs

7. Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats – Posted in November

This one isn’t even human food. I am so pleased to see how well these super easy dog treats did. My dogs love them and yours will too!

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats - Wheat-Free

8. Raspberry Shortcake Double Stacks – Posted in April

Oh these are a true favorite. We  love Raspberry anything around here, so when we got creative with our new shortcake pan and decided to make a double stack, we were sold! In 2017 I will be posting some other fun shortcake ideas! Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016 Raspberry Double Stack Shortcake

9. Apple Pie Muffins – Posted in October

Honestly, I might have made these in the Fall, but they are a great muffin with a cup of coffee in the morning. I absolutely loved how much they tasted like Apple Pie and are different than most other muffin recipes!

Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016 Apple Pie Muffins

10. Fresh Strawberry Muffins – Posted in February

These little gems are another great breakfast muffin. I absolutely loved these with a glass of milk, cup of tea or cup of coffee. The fresh strawberries make them totally worth it!

Top 20 Most Popular Recipes from 2016 Fresh Strawberry Muffins

11. Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders – Posted in May

These were so much fun! Omg, we love sliders for almost anything and these were AMAZING! I love Kentucky Hot Browns so it was only natural to come up with a slider version and your family will love them!

12. Blueberry Morning Coffee Cake – Posted in August

This was a fun post to do. I was working with Post and their Great Grains Blueberry Morning cereal, and I’m telling you! That cereal added something special to this coffee cake. Doug devoured it in two days! So, so good!

13. Chocolate Chip Mocha Brownies – Posted in September

If there is one thing I never get tired of, it’s brownies. I especially love when I can make them moist, soft and rich – these chocolate chip mocha brownies have become a go-to dessert around here. So good and we eat them fast!

14.  Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes – Posted in February

I love using tuna in all sorts of recipes, and these tuna stuffed tomatoes are one of those perfect appetizers for any occasion. I can see why everyone loves them.

15. Watermelon Lime Wine Cooler – Posted in March

Oh this is screaming my name. I am so ready for warmer weather and I want one of these to quench my thirst. These were absolutely perfection in a glass.

16. Pina Colada Poke Cake – Posted in July

I have a love affair with poke cake. I absolutely love them and I make them all the time. Doug adores anything coconut and I pretty much love pineapple so throw it all together and you get this absolutely divine pina colada poke cake!

17. Toad in the Hole Breakfast Sandwiches  – Posted in March

These sandwiches are my daughters creation. She loves Toad in the Hole’s and she thought it would be fun to turn it into a sandwich. My teenagers can often be found in the kitchen whipping themselves up one of these delicious grilled sandwiches.

18. Muffin Tin Apple Pies – Posted in May

What is better than little tiny pies? How about tiny little pies you can make right in any ordinary muffin tin? Fill with whatever you want, but these apple pies are sinful!

19. Classic Shrimp Roll Sliders – Posted in June

I use this classic shrimp salad recipe to make sliders in the summer! These are a huge hit at every picnic and bbq I host! You will love them!

20. Deluxe Imo’s Pizza Lasagna Rolls – Posted in October

If you’ve been to St. Louis, you’ve certainly seen Imo’s pizza. These Lasagna Rolls were inspired by the awesome pizza’s they have, a twisted Lasagna all rolled up, if you will. SO incredibly delish!

Deluxe Imo's Pizza Lasagna Rolls #SundaySupper

What was your favorite in this list of the Most Popular Recipes?