Top 5 Female Social Media Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Female Social Media Entrepreneurs

Cynthia Johnson


Cynthia Johnson is an entrepreneurial business advisor who focuses on personal brand development and management. She is on the advisory board for several social media startups and also works as the Director of Brand Development at American Addiction Centers. Johnson shares her expertise on social media marketing for SEO, branding, and more through her published works in Forbes, Huffington Post, TIME and Entrepreneur.

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Mari Smith


Mari Smith is an established social media consultant, speaker, & trainer. Her areas of expertise include relationships, marketing and Internet technology. Known as “the Queen of Facebook”, Smith has partnered with the platform as their leading Small Business and Facebook Marketing expert. When she isn’t sharing her insights in keynotes and training sessions, Smith is interacting with her 1.5 million followers across social media.

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Marsha Collier


Marsha Collier is best known as the author of over 48 books, many of them focusing on social media commerce. Collier’s contributions to the “for Dummies” book series reflect her ability to make social media comprehensible to everyone. She also works as a social media consultant for brands like IBM and FedEx. Beyond her many books, Collier shares her knowledge on her website, technology podcast, and popular social media platforms.

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Kim Garst


Kim Garst is the co-founder and CEO of Boom! Social, a corporate branding and social media consulting firm. With over 20 years experience in the world of online business, Garst has learned a lot about social selling along the way, and she’s eager to spread the knowledge. She shares her digital marketing advice as a keynote speaker, brand influencer, business trainer, and best-selling author.

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