With more than 1.5 billion peoples on Facebook, it’s a dependable fact that the social media and its network is the place to go in the event that you need to contact a huge gathering of people. As per some reports and survey promoters have emptied $17.08 billion into the Facebook since 2015. With such a large number of individuals battling for consideration, you have to figure out how to emerge from the crowd. As Facebook followers and accounts are considered as a loyal group that consistently like, comment, and share their favourite content including images and videos. With a huge number of users, Facebook has turned into a daily destination and goal even for buyers, organizations and brands.


In this blog, we have described top 5 ways to transform your Facebook page that will help you get more out of your business’ Facebook page:


  1. Make Playlists

As we know that content is about more than text. It additionally incorporates music and videos. Rather than just connecting to your recordings (from YouTube), transfer them to your Facebook page and place them in a playlist. At that point, when individuals visit your page, they can get to the greater part of the recordings in your playlist. You can make diverse playlists with various sorts of recordings.


  1. Step Up Your “About”:

Firstly ask yourself a question when did you last update your about section? If your answer was, “not since I set up the page,” it’s time to revisit and update it. As your “About” isn’t simply a toss-away bio. It’s an opportunity to immediately connect with potential fans. And don’t forget to add a hyperlink to your website as this allows visitors to instantly click-through to your website without a prolonged search.


  1. Change your profile name that will mirror your business page:


The business page which will be made after movement will have an indistinguishable name from your profile name. Likewise on the off chance that you have more than 200 fans and followers that might be helpful to attract Google traffic; you won't have the capacity to change the name of your page after the transformation. Ensure your profile name mirrors your business page name before heading off to the following stride.


  1. Beef up your profile:

As you know that your Facebook profile is one of the first prime locations that potential fans, customers, and users will land so give all the essential details that make your business unique and more likeable.

  • What differentiates your business from others?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What problems do you going for solve for your audience?
  • What is the next step you want any user to take?
  • What is your main objective with Facebook marketing?


  1. Focus on the 'About Us' Section:

A considerable measure of organizations disregard the "About Us" segment, however that is a tremendous misstep. At the point when individuals visit your page, they need to know more about your business. That incorporates your business' qualities and the advantages your items offer. Incorporate that data in the "About Us" segment. So try not to run insane with this, however. Keep it inside 155 characters so it will appear completely in the internet searcher bit.