Today we will discuss the top weight loss myths that are floating throughout the internet and stopping you from losing your weight effectively. I will bust all the weight loss myths, justifying with a scientific reason.

Top weight loss myths busted.

Hi, you might have been searching all over the internet about how to lose weight fast. But you haven't found your perfect answer yet.

But now let me assure you that you will discover some great facts regarding weight loss in a scientific way in this post. In this post, I will bust some weight loss myths.

So let's start busting some weight loss myths right away !!


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MYTH - You need to starve to lose weight

Truth -

The human body is a high-end machine. Energy optimization is the main goal of the human body. If you starve yourself your body enters into starvation mode.

Your body thinks that you will die and starts holding water and accumulating fat for your survival.

Starving yourself will help you to lose some weight fast but after sometimes weight loss will plateau (Condition where weight loss stops) and will be much more difficult to lose weight.

MYTH - Carbs are bad for you.


It’s not that carbs are bad for you. Remember only one thumb rule for now that “Calories in vs calories out”

Carbs and protein contain the same amount of calories that is 4 calories/gram. But the function of carbs and protein is different.

Carbs provide your body energy and reduce cortisol levels (Stress hormone) while working out which will make your weight loss journey much faster.

While protein will help you prevent muscle loss. So remember to eat carbs but also track you Calories.

MYTH - You should only eat foods which don’t contain fat.


While you should always remember the thumb rule “Calories in vs calories out”. You need to understand that fats are as important as carbs and proteins.

As fat is the sole producer of testosterone and growth hormone (Don’t worry you will learn about them in my further articles). If you don’t eat fat your body wouldn’t produce testosterone and growth hormone and your cortisol level (stress hormone) will elevate which will lead to plateau (Condition where weight loss stops) and hold fat on your body.

Studies have revealed if you don't eat fat your organs won't perform efficiently leading some bad health issues and also cause your skin to degrade.

MYTH - Doing only cardio will help you lose weight fast.


While cardio helps to burn more calories but doing a high amount of cardio every day might cause muscle loss too!!

Doing only cardio will increase your cortisol levels which again will ensure that you again hit a plateau (Condition where weight loss stops).

Include weight training in your fitness regime which will not only help you build muscle but also burn calories consistently after each workout for up to 48 hours (We will dive in more in post-workout oxygen consumption in further articles).

MYTH - Skipping a breakfast is the best way to lose weight.

Truth –

I will always emphasis on “Calories in vs calories out”.

Skipping breakfast might fatigue you and leave you hungry not letting you concentrate on your work. Also it's detrimental to your fat loss journey as it might cause you to eat more throughout the day.

Breakfast keeps your mood intact as you have already fasted for 8 hours while sleeping. And after having breakfast you feel more energetic and are ready to attack your day.

Studies have shown that there is also lowered risk for heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, and digestive disorders.

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