It will comfort the most seasoned of American expats in Australia to know that American comfort food is hugely trendy in Sydney at the moment. Creamy mac and cheese, spicy wings with bleu cheese, waffle fries, and, of course, the quintessential favorite, the burger.

As any American, or lover of a burger will know, there is a fine art to creating a perfect burger- the devil is in the details. Or, more aptly, in the bun, the cheese, the secret sauce, and the accouterments of choice, fries.

Want to find the perfect cheeseburger in Sydney? Worry no more, I have done the dirty work for you- allow me to present the top five burgers in Sydney.

Grill’d- Australia is known for its quality beef, and nowhere can this better be tasted than at Grill’d. (Pictured above.) Despite being a chain restaurant, the company uses only locally sourced produce and beef free of hormones and chemicals, and the taste speaks for itself. Not as greasy as the other contenders below, the Simply Grill’d with Cheese is not to be missed, with a side of sweet potato chips.

A thick, meaty patty on a soft sesame seed bun, homemade herb mayonnaise, lettuce, and thick tomato slices- by no means the healthiest dinner options, but feels a bit less guilty than some of the other burgers.

Location- Varied across Sydney

Price- Simply Grill’d, $9.90

Mary’s – The quintessential Sydney favorite, for good reason, Mary’s combines loud rock and roll, craft beers, and the ultimate in greasy, cheesy, American-style flat patty burgers that melt in your mouth. The burger will ooze and drip grease all over you, you'll walk out part deaf from the music, and potentially have a stomach-ache in the morning, but it's 100% worth it. If you’re looking to get yours to go, Mary’s also has a takeaway-only outlet in the city, on Castlereagh Street. They also offer a great chicken burger.

Location- 6 Mary Street, Newtown and CBD, 154 Castlereagh Street (CBD take-out only)

Price – Mary’s Burger, $13.50

Cheekyburger-Located on Oxford St, in the heart of Paddington, this small, retro-style bar serves up classic American style burgers on red plastic trays, and also has a great selection of American and Australian beers. Co-owner Sam Marsh spent some time in the US researching the perfect burger, so expect tasty results. (All in the name of science, I suppose.) Their burgers are also sold at the Chippendale Hotel.

Location- 312 Oxford St, Paddington

Price – Cheeky Cheeseburger, $9.99

Royal Stacks – Royal Stacks is a Melbourne outlet that has just recently opened its first location in northern Sydney. Royal Stacks, in Chatswood’s Westfield, is reminiscent of the West Coast’s In-and-Out Burger, and serves up a deliciously simple, but juicy burger, single or double stack (patty), all by extremely friendly staff.

The bright, clean restaurant, with booth seating evokes a 1950’s vibe, which is also part of the fun. Burgers are best combined with their homemade custard milkshakes and cheese gems, or their version of tater tots.

Location- Westfield Chatswood, 357/1 Anderson St, Chatswood</span>

Price –Single Stack, $8.90

Harpoon Harry- This funky bar in Surry Hills specializes in Southern American food, including tacos, wings, friend chicken, even tuna poke (not sure that’s a Southern specialty, but I digress), and they offer up an almost-too-juicy burger, accompanied by a generous portion of shoestring fries.

They are open late, so after your burger, have a few drinks and stay and dance the night away, or bar-hop around the other great watering holes nearby – Soda Factory, Tio’s, the Hollywood Hotel, to name a few.

Location- 40/44 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills

Price – Harry’s Wagyu Burger, Fries, $18.00

Note- None of the restaurants mentioned have provided The Accidental Australian anything for free- all recommendations are based on paid visits to each establishment.

What do you think of the above- any recommendations of great spots I’ve missed?