Horizontal Directional Drilling/trenching is the technique of drilling the holes in the ground through drilling rig, for fixing the cables and pipes. This is the new and improved method of traditional trenching method. It works without affecting, damaging or disturbing the surrounding area. This method is avoided for the land with cobbled stones. It can fix any type of pipe, such as, plastic, steel, polyethylene, iron, etc. it can work anywhere from roads, rivers, landscapes, around houses, and can install electric, telecommunication, water, gas and sewer pipes. It is the money saving method because there is no cost in repairing or fixing the damage done to the surrounding area during the drilling process. It is asked many times that why should we choose the horizontal drilling/boring? The reasons to choose the Horizontal Directional Drilling/Boring are: 1. Horizontal Drilling causes fewer disturbances to the land and the surrounding. If there is any obstacle, it passes under tit instead of removing the problem. So the pipes can be fixed without any stop or trouble. Though there is some disturbance to the land from heavy machines and equipment, but it is still better than the other system. 2. It can drill the holes and wells in different angles instead of only drilling the vertical positions. So installing the pipes and cables is proved to be easier with this method. 3. It can run through any gas, water and oil reserves and connect the resource with the surface without any big trouble, which is impossible through traditional trenching methods. 4. It can install the pipes and cables to any residential or commercial areas without disrupting the building. Horizontal drilling can pass underneath any obstacle, like, roads, rails, buildings, and water. 5. Horizontal drilling is environment friendly and does not cause damage to the surroundings. It can fix multiple pipes from one location but with different angles. Unlike traditional drilling, it also protects from water contamination and has few fractures in the rock formation under the land. 6. Horizontal drilling process is never stopped or delayed by the weather conditions unlike with the traditional drilling method. The drilling process is continued until it is finished. 7. This method does not affect the traffic or blocks the road especially in places like highways, train routes, or airports. 8. It is a fast process and has very low costs as it also has few workmen. 9. Pipes can be installed in either straight as well as the curved position. 10.It is durable as the pipes fixed are strong. 11. It is a flexible method as it can be installed anywhere. These are some of the reasons to choose the Horizontal Directional Drilling/boring. It is better than the traditional drilling as it saves a lot of time and have new and improved tools and equipment which make everyone’s work easier and present you the final results in no time. There are some best drilling companies in US and especially in Illinois. These services work nationwide and are reliable and trustworthy with the experienced and professional work staff.