Tip 5 - Removing White Streaks Caused By Caustic Oven Cleaners

Aceeeeed!!!! Sorry, took a trip back in time there….Anyway, I want to talk to you about acid. Or caustic soda to be precise. It’s a strong alkaloid. Which is the opposite of an acid. And for this very reason it will leave unsightly white streaks on your oven. The best way to remove these chalky marks is with a vinegar soaked cloth. The acid in the vinegar counteracts the caustic and leaves your beautiful clean oven looking streak free and shining.

Tip 6 - Avoid Getting Caustic Oven Cleaners On The Oven Fan

The fan in an oven is made from aluminium. And caustic soda does not mix with aluminium. FACT! Another fact is that if they do come into contact the likelihood of smoke and possibly a nasty toxic cloud is quite high. So, never ever put them together!

Tip 7 - Oven Smoke - What Should I Do’?

Grease builds up. Carbon builds up. You add intense heat and what do you get? Smoke! It’s probably more to do with grease than carbon deposits. But when you have enough grease clogging the trays and the grill then there’s a strong likelihood that there will be smoke coming from your oven.

It’s by no means a simple fix. Being a professional oven cleaner, I see this day in day out. It’s best to remove as much grime as possible while the oven is cold and then I put the oven on full blast to melt off anything that remains. It’s a nasty process as it will indefinitely result in plumes of smoke. But once it’s burned itself out the element should be clean once again.

Top tip: Once the grill is clean I suggest using your grill on full power every once in a while to melt any residue and prevent future clogging.

Tip 8 - Electric Hobs & Ceramic Hobs

Scraping ceramic hobs is the best way. As I mentioned earlier it’s also the best method for cleaning oven glass. Cleaning an electric hob is a little trickier because of the raised hob panels and curves. If you are using a blade this will at best result in an uneven clean as well as leaving scratches. At worst you could hurt yourself. So, with all due respect, probably better to let CleanOven do the work for you.

Tip 9 - Cleaning Oven Filters In The Oven Hood

Top tip! If your aluminium filter in the overhead hood gets full of grease and grime just place it in the dishwasher on a hot wash. It’s even safe to wash with your dirty plates and cutlery.