Thanks to that very special Squidoo lensmaster er Squidoo friend of mine who asked for a run-down on the Top 100 lenses and lensmasters in the Squidoo SEO and Affiliate Marketing Topic / Category! I sure do appreciate you taking time to make a personal request, and secondly, I appreciate the fellowship! Thank YOU.

For those of us who spend a lot of time on the internet, we undoubtedly get to hear lots and lots of information about SEO, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, researching keywords, and of course affiliate marketing.  People are always wanting to hear tips on how to be successful with affiliate marketing.  It can be a bit of a science, you know.

Well, nothing mysterious about who or what when talking about the Top 100 lenses and lensmasters in the Squidoo SEO and Affiliate Marketing Topic / Category! Here is that Wordle tag cloud which creatively summarizes all those 100 Squidoo lenses in that Top 100:

Wordle: Squidoo Top 100 Lenses in SEO and Affiliate Marketing

The buzzwords there include Free, Squidoo, Affiliate, Get, Best, Backlinks, Article, Traffic and URL. And, then a host of other secondary buzzwords.  Yep, FREE!  I sure do like free; i.e., free information.  You CAN find so much on the internet for FREE.

So, what about the Squidoo lensmasters with those lenses in the Top 100 of the Squidoo SEO and Affiliate Marketing Topic / Category?  Today's lens mosaic is presented just a little differently than previously.  The Squidoo lensmasters with the most lenses in the Top 100 are listed alphabetically and colorized by number.  See if you can figure it out.

Looking at all the various Squidoo lensmasters with lenses in the Top 100 of the Squidoo SEO and Affiliate Marketing Topic / Category, the spotlight is on Pixelrage who has 5 Squidoo lenses in the Top 100. Congratulations to Pixelrage!

Wordle: Squidoo Lensmasters in the Top 100 of SEO and Affiliate Marketing

Two Squidoo lensmasters have snagged 4 spots each in the Top 100. They are MrLewisSmile AND PotPieGirl.  Four Squidoo lensmasters have snagged 3 spots each in the Top 100. They are kiwisoutback, LuckySeven, monopoly, AND thefluffanutta. Six Squidoo lensmasters have snagged 2 spots each in the Top 100. They are Brandon_Vogel, draik, glenanail, Greekgeek, lisadh, AND Rajays.

There is a bit of a majority of Squidoo lensmasters; i.e., 63 in total, occupying one spot in the Top 100 of the Squidoo SEO and Affiliate Marketing Topic / Category.   You know, this brings up a VERY sensitive topic that often touches the nerves of Squidoo lensmasters worldwide.  It is not readily known if any of these are multiple IDs for more prominent Squidoo lensmasters as that information is not public information per se.  Some lensmasters have made suggestions on revealing that information and making it public; whilst others have said to keep it private.

These 63 Squidoo lensmasters are: 1SquidAddict, adwords-marketing, aj2008, amandakjones, Amitabh1702, AndrewMinalto, Avitosa, blogmoney, Chadrew, chrgr, Cinetech, creck, diamania, ejob, Elee, Energale, fefe, FreeBeeQueen, Giamatti, GPSglobal, henrymiller, hooman, inkserotica, JaguarJulie, JJC13, kameleon, kenc, Ladymermaid, laptopshopper, LindaJM, longestonline, lyrickat21, mommahawk, mulberry, N376, Neccia, OliviaH, oliviavanlogum, pmolinero, Police, PyrogenicMedia, redflea13, RedMarketeer, RinchenChodron, rleong, RyansCCS, Sadheeskumar, San1, sconsult, seowebdesigntips, ShaneB, sobriety, Steve-SEO-UK, StuartStirling, StyleCampaign, supermom_in_ny, tomj, triathlontraining, Trioman, wahguide, williamjfield, WorkAtHomeTruth, and Zacman555.

Hey Monkeybrain! I did happen to nab ONE spot in the Top 100 of SEO, quite surprisingly! Google vs Yahoo -- Which SIDE Are You On?

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A special thanks to my Topicability readership base!  You know, I just presented my Squidoo worldwide readership base over at Jaguar Julie Blog On.  Did you catch it?  Oh, who is listening I wonder?