We traveled home to Iowa from Chicago two days ago.  Tiger, our two year old gray tabby rescue cat, is actually a good little traveler.  We purchased a medium size dog crate that goes right between us in the back seat.  Usually, he whines for a little while, but this time he just settled in for the trip.  I think it helps that he can see us.  I had read that cats get confused and don’t handle change well.  Not true of Tiger.  Like us, he loves both places and, regardless of which direction we are headed, is happy when we get there.


When we are in our cozy little apartment in Chicago, he loves the wide vintage window sills and we often find him sound asleep in the sun there.  Once, in Iowa, he tried his best to make the jump straight to the windowsill.  We couldn’t help laughing as he slid immediately off the newer, more narrow windowsills.  I think he decided he liked Chicago best right then and there!  😉

We were in Chicago this visit for two and a half weeks and enjoyed it very much – well except for the two nights Doug had to spend in the hospital for Atrial Fib!  Healthcare is excellent in Chicago and he is doing fine now thankfully.

One evening, Doug and I were watching a show on television entitled “The Lion in Your Living Room” about domestic cats like Tiger.  We turned to see him perched with his front legs over the arm of the chair totally engrossed in the show – see the pic below!  He was definitely alert to the sounds of the cats and kittens meowing and did not move until the show was over!  Who knew they could seriously watch television?!


Tiger loves the wide window sills.  Here he is keeping me company in the kitchen enjoying the sunshine and the birds on the trees just outside the kitchen window!


Evenings – when we’re home in our Chicago apartment – will find Tiger curled up wherever we are.  I love those green eyes and his intense, watchful expression.  I always say I’m a “dog person” but this is one cat I have come to love.