Mann asked me once if I need new clothes and I wondered internally how men in general might have zero idea about women after all. For the record, women always need new clothes. Even the sclümpfe ones. BUT, I like to retain the freedom of shopping for myself and the freedom of deciding for myself on whether to go overboard or not. One of the aspects of being an “adult”, I should say.

Luckily for Mann, I like to keep within my means and I love a good bargain. SALE is a magical word for me, second to “Fleisch” (meat). So, one can just imagine how ecstatic I was yesterday for finding a jean jacket for Mirang that cost only 5 euro. I snapped it up in an instant without second thoughts. Yes, Mira is a #salebaby or #cheapclothesbaby and that’s alright. No shame in that. Still, I would like to keep her away from people who might pity her for wearing cheap or hand-me-down clothes. I cannot tell you how traumatized I was to be told that they pity Mira for such things.


Going back to SALE, if only it is as easy to find a good bargain for myself. Buying a blouse that was on sale already for 20 euro is still a big ouch for me. So, as I have told Mann several times, I will only be pretty pretty once or twice a month. Mostly when we go out to the city or meet people where I have the opportunity to put on the nice but still cheap clothes that are saved for such ocassion. Because clothes can be quite expensive to buy so many for an everyday use when holey ones will do especially since I am just mostly at home.

I have my spots already for the treasure hunting goodies but there are two shops that Mirang and I frequent more often to: TEDi and KIK, where I can still do serious damage with my 1 euro.


Christmas is coming and no, I am not buying christmas gifts for anyone. I am however busy buying my 1 euro garn from TEDi to make christmas decor shit like this stocking. Baby stocking is down, 2 more stockings to go for mama and papa.