Your new Murphy Bookcase door is a stunning addition to any home, but there’s an artful science behind filling it. Sleek and classy can become cluttered if you fill every shelf to its capacity. Opt instead for displaying just your favorite books — those you’d never leave behind — and then complement them using your own, customized bookends. DIY bookends for your Murphy bookcase are easy to make, and done right, they can be the cohesive element that brings your room design together. Choose from one of these five fabulous projects:

Glass terrarium for bookends on bookshelves

1. The Terrarium Take

These classic bookends from Pretty Designs are simple, elegant additions to your Murphy bookcase, and you’ll find everything you need to make them at your local craft store. Simply choose a glass vessel in a shape that speaks to you, add fine sand, vase filler or river stone, and tuck in a small piece of greenery. In this instance, the stem is made from silk. But if you don’t mind a little care-taking — a small succulent placed in soil works well too. Natural elements such as stone, sand and greenery give a space a warm, homey appeal.

DIY Kitchen Kitsch bookend for bookshelf

2. Kitchen Kitsch

These DIY bookends for a kitchen bookcase, by ModPodgeRocks, set the tone for the whole room. Instructions on how to make them are included at the site, but it’s basically just a matter of slicing wooden rolling pins in half and attaching them to a prepared, wooden base. In this instance, the artist wrapped the pins in decoupaged recipes that she enlarged and printed on her printer.

DIY Bookend made from several books glued together.

3. Invisibility Factor

This next option from A Beautiful Mess will keep guests pondering. For these magical bookends, the artist attached bottom plates right to old books and then placed them on the ends. The result is a sleek, lovely design that showcases only your favorite old reads. Just be sure not to use your best books for this project because once the plates go on, you won’t be able to open and read the book any longer.

Cement Bookends for Bookshelf

4. Heavyweight Solution

Bookends made from concrete that you mix and pour yourself into homemade molds make your Murphy bookcase a focal point of conversation. Published on Bob, there’s no book too heavy for these artfully constructed pieces to hold. When you need to display large reference books, encyclopedias and more, concrete statuary is the bomb.

DIY Rock bookend for bookshelves

5. Rock-Bottom Bold

What could be more simple or classic than simple rocks used as bookends? This idea was concocted over at Refinery29 and uses plain rocks covered in Rustoleum metallic paint. The artist bought these rocks at a building supply store, but if you’re lucky enough to live in the big wide open, feel free to gather attractive rocks from meaningful places — that little stream that runs through the backyard, or the pasture field where you keep your prized ponies. So simple, yet so artful, you’re going to love bookends made from pieces of the great outdoors.

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