Hello  dear  friends !

Hope and pray that new year brought so many big and small joys  into  your lovely  lives  and  you  started  your  journey of  life with  new revolutions and lots of positive  energy and pleasant attitude  towards LIFE !!!
Nothing lasts forever so do the problems ,they come to reawaken our strength and reveal our hidden  skills  to  rediscover ourselves.
Hope  though it is very cold outside you still have warmth of passion and love for successful  survival and love for life and everything about it . We  all know that sooner  or later the white cold  of  snow  will melt away and  earth  will smile once again through so much greenery and so many beautiful colors ! So  near  your fire place having mug of tea or coffee with keyboard on your knee or favorite book in hand is thing that tells you that you are Blessed with everything you wanted and you struggled for ,So stay blessed my dear friends!
Today i am sharing  some photos of my son's recent trip to Dubai where he went with his officials and colleagues for five days.Hope you will like them .

                            Hotel Tajawa where my son stayed during trip with his official team 

                                               In   hotel  room      with  his room mate  

view  through his window 

                                                                       view from other side 

          They visited to largest mosque  of Dubai after finishing first session of their meeting 

                                         The  Grand  Shaikh  Zayed Mosque inner  view

                                       Beautiful           Art work in roof  architecture 

They visited the desert when it was going to be sun set and my son says he experienced the most beautiful sunset in there when sun dived into the golden heart of sand slowly .

                                            Desert  seems  like under the spell of evening 

                           Here  the  golden  ball  pave  it's way  into the  chest  of sandy body .

                       In  the night they enjoyed the party and a fun show  of dancing 

                       Dancing  moves  were more interesting when the lights were off     


                                                 My  son  with  office  friends 

                                  Next day after meeting they left for the island for some fun , 

                                              A ferry took  the whole unit  to the island 

                                        Company took this island on rent for night over 

                                                       Beautiful huts for employees 

                        My son and his few friends found  this chess game  more fascinated 

                           after tiring meeting times ,it was nice place to relax,  though my son says his mind never quiet thinking !

                                                   A light !!! with delightful view of Dubai

                                                                     dinner  in water and lights 

                                                                   A  visit  to older Dubai 

                                                           View  from their destination 

                                                             An oldest ark  in older Dubai 

                                                     View of an old fort in Dubai 

                                                                         New  Dubai  

                                                               World's largest gold ring  in Dubai

                                                              My  son  liked the desert most .

Hope you like these photos  friend . I want  say  thank you to all of you who showed kindness and concern to my well being .thank you dear friends and please take great care of yourselves .wishing you all a very Happy ,healthy and safe year .

Love you all .God Bless You All.