By: Peter Kazman

Trust your lawyer

For the better part of the last 25 years the internet and many search engines have proven to be of great value to the majority of Toronto and North American residents. Free information at the click of a button has led many people to form their own opinions and has also provided many with instructional help on how to deal with many different situations. The legal world is no exception.

Type in family law, divorce, spousal support, child support, division of property on any given search engine and you are bound to find a number of different websites, tutorials, informational videos etc. that all can be useful in helping to explain what to expect when a court action is commenced against you. However, while the majority of these information outlets are helpful, they cannot substitute the knowledge and experience that a lawyer will bring to a potential client.

While many sections of the legal world have become wireless, the actions and paperwork required to commence and finalize legal proceedings, whether they are related to family law, estate or civil litigation, are almost always better handled through an experienced legal counsel. Why almost? Like search engines, every lawyer has general knowledge of the legal questions and issues you may raise with them, and also provide their own variation of direction and expertise to the issue. More often than not if you are not happy with a lawyer you have encountered it is due to a difference in personalities or that the lawyer cannot provide you with what you want because your desired outcome falls outside of what the court powers can provide for you.

It is important to remember that there can be multiple right and wrong answers to your legal questions. Experienced legal counsel will be able to navigate the potential answers to your legal questions and provide an answer specific to your factual circumstances better than an article written online.

Everyone can access the updated legislature of their specific region online as well as procedural information to assist them in the initial phases of their legal matter through government websites, and it is a good idea to start there to see if there is a basic answer that might help you resolve your legal issues more easily. However ask anyone who has attended an interim motion or case management conference on their own and they can tell you that without a lawyer by your side things can become extremely stressful and confusing, especially when faced with the other party’s lawyer.

Although a quick answer can usually be found at the click of the mouse, you should always consult a lawyer to at least verify the information to avoid disappointment and potential legal consequences later on.

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