Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

yeah... back to guerrilla browsing at my local Staples!

yeah… back to guerrilla browsing at my local Staples!

You know that drawer you have, most likely in the kitchen on the opposite counter from where the forks and knives are kept, maybe (this drawer) has wisely been relegated to the basement hobby corner or even the garage workshop. In (this drawer) are the spare parts, used, batteries (well, because), extra plastic brackets from the last time you replaced the blinds and, of course, the owners manuals from the kitchen appliances (both those that you’re looking at and those that came before them), well today’s TToT post is pretty much that drawer, except made of electron-drawn letters and photos.

The link that connects all the co-hostinae is not yet up, so I figured, if this reality is as virtual as everyone says it is….then today’s post can stand in for a real TToT post, at least until our Founderess Lizzi. 

So… since this is not quite office, but we still need to strive for Ten Things, let me start this off with some easy-to-enjoy-(and understand)-photos:

I don't some statement be-moaning the post-industrial decay of the environment or maybe a simple question, 'where are the ducks?'

I don’t know! perhaps I was intending to make a statement mourning the post-industrial decay of the environment or maybe a simple question, ‘where are the ducks?’



yeah, domesticated creatures who enhance the lives of those around them. sure thing

hey, seeing that Dyanne is co-hostinae and she, like, totally likes cats, lets post her blog here: I want backsides  I’m sure she’ll tell us that the expression on the cat above is an elegant statement of open-hearted welcome.

The rest of this Post will develop over the day…. you will be hearing about:


Six Sentence Stories

Our arachnid rustler out (mid)west (that will be close enough, thank you)



Cynthia (who has some very cool news about to break)

Cynthia’s Book is available at the Amazon (no, not the tropical jungle, the giant online seller of…. well, maybe not tropical!)  Anyway, until I can get a photo,   CLICK HERE



Kristi and a bunch of other interesting things that will number in, at very least, a multiple of ten.


this just in: