The Tuxie Gang Is Hosting this Week's 
Carnival Of The Cats 
At The Tuxedo Gang Hideout!

Samantha & THE Tuxedo Gang Hideout Are Your Hosts today!!
Please meet Sam from Sam's Scratching Post! And Check Out His Adventures!
Cookie the Hollywood Cat Insider would like you to help all the Animals in Oklahoma! 
Cojo Cat from The Cujo Cat Chronicles 
 would like to Become A Tuxedo Gang Member!
Welcome to The Club!

Here is Socks & Scylla from Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs!
Socks is protecting Scylla from something!
Check it out!

Awwww!!! What a Beautiful Rainbow they saw at Kizzie Cat!

This is Raz's FIRST ManCat Monday From The Florida FurKids!! 
Woo!! Hoo!!!
Concatulations Raz!!
Oh Mini from HOTMB Cats @ George the!!
 You look wonderful in your Tiara on Mini Monday
Say Hello to all the Hotties for us!

Please meet Marion Allen a friend of Kiril, Nikita & Elvira
And Read HER Wonderful Story of the Beckoning Cat!!

Mr. Nikita of an Opinionated Pussycat wrote a week worth 
of his 100 Word Cat Story a Day in May series
about Aubrey the Cat!!
May 20 thru 25 begins here: 100 Word Cat Story 28: Exit Stage Right
We love your Stories Nikita!

Awwww!!! We Love MYSTERIES!!
Miss Elvira  from An Opinionated Pussy Cat
needs some Help Solving a 111 Year Mystery!!
Can YOU help Her!!
And PLEASE send your Purrs & Prayers
Out To Skeezix & Ginger Jasper!!
Two Of The Most Wonderful ManCats In The Cat Blogosphere!
Just Click On Each Picture To Visit Them Both!

Thanks for being Patient  with us for this Carnival #480!!
Please leave a link if we have missed your post!!
Thank you,
Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang