Tonight our guest is R.G.Miller the author of "The Twins Trilogy" from New York. Fame detective Isis Williams and her partner and lover Detective Annette Toni are assigned to a case that will threaten their lives and the lives of everyone that they hold near and dear. Together they will engage in a hunt for two of the most dangerous, elusive, and youngest serial killers that they've encountered, 16-year-old Stacey and Jannifer McHill...THE TWINS. We have conducted an interview with the author about his book.
What inspired you to write 'The Twins Trilogy'?
I was having a conversation with a friend of mind about privileged children and how their parents shield them from society. Then it hit me: What if these shielded children were exposed to the worse kind of violence imaginable.What kind of psychological impact would it have on said children. Hence, Stacey and Jannifer McHill were born.
Who or which character challenges you the most in all the plots of this trilogy?
The character that challenged me the most was Detective Isis Williams. The readers will understand why when they read the books. She's a very complex lady.

What is so special about multiple personality disorder that fascinates you?
The subject matter, Multiple Personality Disorder, has fascinated me ever since I saw the TV movie, Sybil. Can the brain/mind really do that...? yes it can.

Do you know any twins in person in reality? How was the crafting process of the characters like? 
I've met a few identical twin in my travels, and they all had that twin thing. I love twins. The most interesting/challenging thing about the creation of The Twins was the massive research on the subject matter. 
What had been interesting or challenging along the way?
Multiple personality disorder/ dissociative identity disorder, as it is called today, is the most complex of all the so-called personality disorders. The research took months, but I can honestly say that it was a labor of love.