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Well Tuesday snuck right up on me and here it is, 5:10 on the Mix Tape Tuesday #9  courtsey of our music chicas   Jen  and Kristi….

Music for riding in cars??  It would seem that a lifetime of driving and listening to music on the radio (in one manifestation or another) has resulted in: cars that are safer and quieter (which is a double edged sword: it is possible to cruise along at 90 miles an hour as Jimi would have us do but the cars are so sophisticated and quiet running that you might as well be sitting on your back deck). But there is little denying the attraction of the concept. A mobile environment that exemplifies your power (volume, speed, direction and passengers) in a world that would deprive you of all these things… and that applies too all of us at all stages of life.
Pull up to a traffic light… look at the senior-looking-citizen in the car next to you…are you really surprised to hear Metallica shooting out of the wheel wells? You shouldn’t be…



Led Zepplin


Golden Earring


Jimi Hendrix


Warren Zevon