Following the April 2016 release of The Graphic Design Idea Book by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson, the duo have followed it up with this month’s release of The Typography Idea Book. It’s geared toward helping you evolve different typographic characters or styles.

The Typography Idea Book

“What this book is not is a tutorial in typographic basics — kerning, spacing, selecting, and so on. There are many excellent existing volumes that will give you that essential knowledge. Our intention here is to lay out many of the fun, esoteric and eccentric options a typographer has at his or her disposal.”

Each spread shows a typographic project on one page, with a description and commentary on the other, featuring the work of 50 designers such as Alan Fletcher, Saul Bass, Zuzana Licko, Neville Brody.

The Typography Idea BookJulie Rutigliano and Brian Lightbody, 2008, Rock the Vote

The Typography Idea BookAlvin Lustig, 1945, The Great Gatsby

The Typography Idea BookAlan Kitching, 1999, Baseline magazine

The page layouts let the work take centre stage, and it’s hard to imagine a broader mix of typographic styles covered over 100 pages. That’s great. And after just a few minutes of reading, I was thinking about how I could bring different ideas into my client work. I would’ve preferred a bigger type size for the body text, because the content is excellent — both in background detail and commentary — but it’s always a shame when books (especially typography books) aren’t as easy to read as they could be.

The Typography Idea BookOCD, 2013, Free

The Typography Idea BookZsuzsanna Ilijin, 2010, Where are the Flying Cars?

The Typography Idea BookJonny Hannah, 2011, Lord Have Mercy

The Typography Idea BookMichiel Schuurman, 2010, The Catalyst’s Agenda

The Typography Idea BookExperimental Jetset, 2004, net zo blind als wij

The Typography Idea BookRoger Excoffon, 1958, Calypso

The Typography Idea Book is available from Laurence King, and here on