We want you, HoopsHype readers, to make the call on who's the preeminent figure in television when it comes to NBA basketball. We've put together a bracket with the biggest names in the business and now it's your time to vote who advances to the final round.

TNT's Charles Barkley is the first NBA TV personality in the Final Four with a win at the buzzer (50.3/49.7) over Bulls announcer Stacey King, who's been the Cinderella story in this bracket.

Next we have former coach Hubie Brown vs. former player Jalen Rose.

Who do you choose?

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Charles Barkley 76.9%, Shaquille O'Neal 23.1%
Hubie Brown 73.4%, Mike Fratello 26.6%
Jeff Van Gundy 87.1%, Tim Legler 12.9%
Craig Sager 86.4%, Ralph Lawler 13.6%
Mark Jackson 38.1%, Stacey King 61.9%
Jalen Rose 76.4%, Eddie Johnson 23.6%
Bill Simmons 63.9%, Bill Walton 36.1%
Ernie Johnson 86.3%, Doris Burke 13.7%
Stephen A. Smith 68.7%, Skip Bayless 31.3%
Marv Albert 55.1%, Kevin Harlan 44.9%
Kenny Smith 22.1%, The Starters 77.9%
Doug Collins 79.6%, Tom Heinsohn 20.4%
David Aldridge 80.1%, Chris Broussard 19.9%
Mike Breen 66.0%, Reggie Miller 34.0%
Brent Barry 68.6%, Jon Barry 31.4%
Chris Webber 63.1%, Grant Hill 36.9%


Charles Barkley 81.4%, David Aldridge 18.6%
Jalen Rose 51.3%, Marv Albert 48.7%
Bill Simmons 57.7%, The Starters 42.3%
Craig Sager 72.5%, Chris Webber 27.5%
Stephen A. Smith 13.0%, Stacey King 87.0%
Hubie Brown 57.7%, Mike Breen 42.3%
Jeff Van Gundy 77.9%, Brent Barry 22.1%
Ernie Johnson 72.3%, Doug Collins 27.7%


Charles Barkley 50.3%, Stacey King 49.7%