So…I was in a recent discussion about vaccinations ( a touchy subject with polarizing points of view) and realized that some people still do not understand the medical industry. It further occurred to me that the idea of “industry” in general is simply not being grasped regardless of the subject that industry addresses. I figured it might be a good idea to discuss industry to clarify what is really going on.

   I’ll start with the medical industry since I’ve written about it so much and was the catalyst of this post. Now, while your doctor may genuinely care about your health and the well being of all their patients, the directives that have to be followed are handed down by those making a killing in profits from the sickness of people. Understand the pharmaceutical machine makes billions upon billions of dollars and holds sway and influence in all areas of the medical field. The eye opener for me was when my children got ringworm, and by law, the doctor could not tell me to use garlic, but had to prescribe a drug that carried the risk of liver failure. Think about that.

   Every corporation in any industry is a profit driven entity. It’s what corporations do….make money. It’s that simple. So if you’re thinking that your interests are paramount to a company over their profit margin, you are sadly mistaken…and might even be severely hurt with this erroneous outlook.

   Look at the music industry. It’s well documented how short the end of the stick is that artists get when entering the business. Prince spoke openly about the need of the artist to maintain the rights to their own master recordings to not be a slave to the industry. Add to that the willful and deliberate push of certain types of music and it’s clear the music industry has no interest it uplifting you are taking care of the artist, but is very focused on their generated income.

   Look at the food industry. You think GMO’s are to make your life better and you healthier? Is that the mandate of the corporations involved…or is it their goal to make more money this quarter than they did last quarter? Do you think introducing arctic fish DNA into oranges is to make the orange healthier for you? How much more profit is gained from being able to grow oranges in cold climates from this mad science? It’s just mind boggling when I come across a person that argues for the industry based on their own self interest, totally missing the point that said industry doesn’t care about them…beyond how much money can be made off them.

   Money itself isn’t evil and this post isn’t a rallying call against everyone that is seeking to make a buck. The love of money, however, is the root of all evil, and when a company’s sole purpose to exist is to make money, we all need to understand what that means for us, particularly in the areas of our health and well being. 

   The next time a company claims to genuinely care about you, tell them to prove it…and not charge you for their service or product (be careful though not to end up a medical guinea pig). When you really understand “the industry” life is a bit more scary, but operating in truth is worth the rush.