In Sanatan Dharma, where there are Gods, there are also Sub-Yonis. Like, Gandharv, Yaksh, Yakshini, Kinnari, Yogini, Kshetrapaal, Bhut, Bhutini, Pret, Pishach, Pisachini  and Apsara.

Among these, Gandharv, Yogini, Kshetrapaal and Apsara are from the Upper Loka while others are from lower realms or Lokas.

Today, I am going to share an Apsara Sadhana through which a person can fulfill any kind of material wishes that he wants. - Ashok Mehta


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As compared to the popular perception, Apsaras are not Vaishya or sex workers. In fact, they are considered as Devis. The major benefit of worshiping Apsaras is that they get pleased more easily as compared to higher gods. Apsaras have the power to give you any amount of money or gold daily. Yakshinis and Apsaras are almost the same except that a Apsara is from Swarg Lok and a Yakshini is from the lower realms.

Just like Yakshinis they also have the power to give Rajyog, any amount of wealth daily, any amount of gold, gemstones, etc daily. They also have the power to make you so attractive that even the most staunch and egoistic women will fall in your feet. If you ask them to give you 1000 gold coins daily, they'll give it every single day till you die.

Hence, Apsara Sadhana is beneficial in every way. Not only this, Apsaras also help you in every aspect of life. They guide you on what to do and what not to do. They will give answer to any question that you ask her. They have the power to destroy your enemies  at each and every step.

Your enemies will hate you when you will be around them but as soon as you'll leave, they will become uneasy and desperate to see you again. This kind of power and aura can be gained very easily through Apsara Sadhana.

Not just a normal Grihasth but even Yogis do Apsara Sadhana.

There is very wrong perception about Apsaras that if you invoke them then you will have to abandon your wife. Which is completely false. In fact, using Apsara Sadhana, you can improvise your relations with your wife.

A new  kind of Vaishnav sect which has come up and growing in the past few decades which says that we must give up on wealth, name fame,etc. Because it is wrong. Such sects claims that it is an interference in their path of attaining Moksha.

Readers, gaining money, wealth, fame, etc. is any person's whole right and he also has the right to become how much ever rich he wants. If he wants to become as rich as Kuber, he can do Sadhana for becoming so. There is nothing wrong in that. Even in the previous Yugas, it was the Rishis and Maharishi's who were the most wealthy among all.

In fact, they were more rich then all of the present world's billionaires combined. Maharishi Agastya had Kamdhenu Cow with him. He was a Maha Rishi and still he had a lot of wealth. Does it mean that it became an interference in his Moksha? The Sapta Maha Rishis never did a Sadhana upfront for getting Moksha. They have already self realized due to their powers.

Using Apsara Sadhana, one can easily achieve whatever wish he wants to fulfill in life and as many times as he wants. He can become a Crorepati, gain unbelievable success in his businesses, buy multiple cars, houses,etc. All of these can be achieved very easily using this Apsara Sadhana.

There are 4 ways through which you can get Siddhi over a Apsara. I.e. you can either do Siddhi as wife, sister, mother or friend.

After much search, I've found that the best way is to do Siddhi of her as wife. But if you do Siddhi of her as wife, then you will have to abandon your wife if you have one.  If you don't have a wife, then you cannot marry anyone.

Those, who can't do Siddhi as wife can do Siddhi as sister. You will get the same benefits as wife except, that, if your wish is of having sex then she will send other beautiful women to you. Other than that, all other results will be the same.

Keep in mind that, if you do this Sadhana, you won't have to lower realms after death because Apsaras themselves are from Swarg.

There, is one negative point of this Apsara Sadhana which one must keep in mind. This negative point does not apply to everyone and only applies to those whose spiritual level is less.

The negative point is that, if you are a Sadhak with less spirituality and if you are doing this Sadhana to Siddhi a Apsara as a wife, then, what will happen is that she herself won't manifest in front of you and she, will enter any young girl's body who will be as beautiful as an Apsara and then bring that girl to you.

This act of entering a girl's body, won't be very good for the girl mentally and physically as well as for her family.

Hence, readers, only do Sadhana for Apsara as your sister.

Following is the procedure -
1] Start this Urvashi Mantra Sadhana from Purnima or any festival day. Start the Sadhana at night and sprinkle Rose Attar or Gulab Jal in the room.

2] Sit on a yellow or white velvet Aasan in white cotton or silk clothes.

3] Keep a Chowki in front of you and spread a yellow cloth on it. Make a mount of yellow rice.

4] Keep the Urvashi Apasra Yantra on it.

5] Keep a Ganesh Idol in front of it. But not on the rice mount.

6] Worship your Guru and chant 4 Mala of Guru Mantra. If you don't have guru, Worship Shiv/Dakshinamurti as the Eternal Guru and chant Guru Gayatri Mantra given here - Mantra of the Eternal Guru

7] Worship Ganesha and chant 1 Mala of || ॐ गं गणपतये सर्व कार्य सिद्धि कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ।। The above Mantra if chanted with full faith will give definite success in the Sadhana.

8] Worship Panch Devta -Ganesh, Shiv, Durga, Vishnu and Surya. Ganesh is already worshipped by chanting his Mantra hence he need not be worshipped again. All others must be worshipped as per your capacity and will. One must recite Amogh Shiv Kavach 1 time.

9] Take A Sankalp of your desired wishes. It is said that the person who does this Sadhana must first decide about how he wants to Siddh the Apasara. But if you want, you can also take Sankalp that you are doing this Mantra Japa for 21 days 51 Mala daily so that the Apsara Urvashi gives Pratyaksh Darshan and fulfills  any 1 wish which you ask.

10] Chant the Urvashi Mantra 51 Mala for 21 days to get Pratykash Darshan of Urvashi. Use a Sphatik Mala or Rudraksh Mala

11] After the Mantra Japa, take a small teaspoon full of water in your right hand and offer it to the Yantra. While offering, one must imagine as if all the Japa you have done has entered the water and it is now being offered to Urvashi Apsara.

At the end of the 21 days, if the Sadhak performs the Sadhana as I have mentioned, he will without any doubt get Pratyaksh Darshan of Urvashi.

Keep in mind that you will have to do Siddhi of Urvashi in some or the other way, i.e. either as sister, wife, mother or friend. You cannot just get her Darshan, fulfill your wish and let her go.

The extremely rare Urvashi Yantra has been attached by me. It must be energized using help of a Pandit and only then it must be utilized. The Yantra must be created on a Bhojpatra using Ashtgandha or Kesar and written using  Kaner stick. The Mala also must be energized.


Tantrik Urvashi Apsara Yantra
Urvashi Apsara Yantra

After Siddhi, she will stay with you forever and fulfill all your wishes.

Mantra -
।। ॐ श्रीं उर्वशी आगच्छ आगच्छ स्वाहा ।।

Also, when you begin the Sadhana, it will happen that she will sit in front of you and look at you and try to disturb you. She may even try to talk with you and you will feel that the Sadhana is complete. But you must not get distracted by anything and keep on doing the Japa till the last day.

The experiences and kind of situations  that I have shared are just general and obvious. It is not necessary that the same only will happen. Hence, the Sadhak must use his own spiritual smartness as and when needed and decide what to do in what situation.

Note – This Sadhana has only been shared for the use of one's own benefits and not for harming anyone else unnecessarily. I have already mentioned above that if a spirituality lacking person does this Sadhana, it may happen that the Apsara may enter some other women's body.  I will be not be responsible for any kind of situations which may happen due to the same.

Also, Apsara are very Saumya and polite. But if you make a mistake or go opposite or against Apasara she will ruin your life and leave you. Hence, it is safer to do Siddhi of Apasara as sister instead of wife.

Another warning is that the Apsara are divine energies. They have the kind of beauty which a human cannot even imagine. The point from where a  human girl's beauty ends, from that point an Apsara's beauty starts. Hence, do not get lusty by her looks. If, out of lust, you do Siddhi as wife, you will enjoy for a few years but after that, the day your lust ends, from that day, the Apsara will seem suffocating to you and you won't even be able to do anything about it.

Use of rose flowers is very important for Apsara Upasna and he must use rose flowers, petals as much as he can whole heartedly