Using Livestreaming to Expand the Reach of Your Event.png

You cannot always meet people face-to-face to make deals, but livestreaming technology allows you to now reach people who cannot attend your event in person. A great conference has always been a wonderful way to reach out to your audience, create a dialog and disseminate information about essential topics.

Here are a few reasons to consider using a livestream for your next event.

Monetizing Your Information

Livestream ad views are doubling year-over-year ever since 2014, with authenticated ad views on live content growing 619 percent. Not only do you expand your reach if you livestream, but you also give yourself an opportunity to profit from your information. Who knew that you could get paid just for outreach?

Revenues from cloud-based and SaaS video streams are expected to grow at around 60% over the coming years. Get into this market before your competition saturates the field!

Building Your Network

If you are looking to increase the attendance of your events in person, one of the best ways to get the word out is to build your network of acquaintances and business contacts using a livestream function. When an event is recorded, people can look back at it anytime.

Creating a Record

If you make predictions about your market at your event that later turn out to be true, a livestream of that event that is also recorded puts your precociousness on display for the rest of the world to see. This is one of the best ways to build a reputation for yourself. You can also showcase the attendees of your current events to attract the social circles of those people to your next event.

Harnessing Media

The media is much more likely to pick up your event if you have marketing clips to send them or if you can livestream the event to them. Making your event convenient for a reporter who may have four or five other local stories to get to will increase your chances of getting on their radar and transitioning them into support for your future events.

Using Social Media

Social media is more than a place to put memes and pictures of old events - you can now livestream on all of the major social media platforms. Between Periscope on Twitter and the Facebook livestreaming app, you have a chance to immediately expand your reach if you label your livestream using the right keywords.

The process of livestreaming was a highly technical one that not just anyone could easily perform, but it is as easy as hitting the play button on your social media profiles now. One of the best ways to livestream an event is to provide incentives for your physical attendees to joint livestream the same event for different perspectives of that event - people love to view things from the vantage point of their preferred vendor.

Alan Weiss, the author of Million Dollar Consulting, once said, "Ask your customers to be part of the solution, and don't view them as part of the problem." If you view your events as exclusive, territorial endeavors, then you are basically calling everyone who did not attend "a problem." Use livestreaming technology to open up your world to those who might become your future customers, and watch how fast your business takes off from there.