Management and administration of Transportation or Logistics is not easy by any means. It requires a trained staff, lots of paper work, entries and records, and regular communication through different channels to know the whereabouts of the vehicle on the job. So, all in all, it’s a tough job for any transport or logistics company. How good it would be if it all can be done with a help of a machine or device. Is it possible? Well, it absolutely is.

GPS Tracking Device- Making Transportation Management Smooth and Trouble free

A GPS tracking system can make the job of logistics management absolutely hassle free and smooth. It works as a complete logistics management system and handles all the key responsibilities for that you spend a huge amount of money and employ a considerable workforce. Now, what are the key things you do in managing your transportation or logistics delivery?

1. Tracking of vehicle on job

2. Monitoring the fuel cost to keep it in control

3. Ensuring the timely delivery of goods and material

4. Making certain that vehicle on job is not used for any unauthorized activity

5. Ensuring that trucks, Lorries, tempos and other vehicles on duty go through a shorter route.

6. Maintaining registers and records about the vehicles on the job

7. Ensuring the safety of your vehicles and driving staff

8. Monitoring that no unnecessary halts or delays occurred on route, etc.

Would you believe that a single GPS Tracking Software can do all these jobs for you?

How it works?

A GPS System is a small device that you can install in your vehicle secretly. This device tells you the exact location of your device via Google maps, etc. and from thousands of miles away; you can monitor your vehicle looking at the results on screen through the internet, etc. The GPS based Vehicle Tracking System provides you precise description about the route your vehicle is following, stoppages, fuel consumption, and many such vital information. It also keeps your driving staff honest, as you are monitoring them 24 X 7. A GPS Tracking Software ensures the no non-permitted use of vehicles and unnecessary stoppages during job hours, causing delay in delivery of consignment. You can also obtain various reports through this GPS device and use the same for the evaluation and assessment of your logistics.

Transportation Management goes easy

So, with a Vehicle Tracking System in place, you don’t require maintaining messy paperwork, huge staff, various communication devices, i.e. telephones, mobile phones, wirelesses, etc. This one device can work as a complete Transportation Management system for you. The Convexicon Software Solution is a leading organization that offers the highest quality GPS Tracking Devices for the logistics companies and transporters.

It’s specially designed Vehicle tracking Software works perfectly as a Fleet Management System and provides all the valuable data and information required by the Logistics Companies. If you are also looking to install this incredible GPS based vehicle tracking system in your vehicles, you may get in touch with Conexicon Solutions to confirm all the details, view the demos and book the order for the same at earliest.