We set out with determined steps to find the gluten-free pizzaria, further down this quiet street.  As we passed the glorious structure on the right, children burdened with official-looking backpacks streamed out.

At that moment, we realized that this gem of a building is an elementary school...

Dainty pig-tails swinging, twirling and prancing footsteps marching, they were like any other school-age children I have seen making their way home after a day of learning.

Except that these children go to school in Venice..

I wonder if they realize that their lives are being molded in one of the most famous cities in the world?

We reached the restaurant while musing on the peculiarities of transportation for Venetian students. The menu was filled with endless options for gluten-free meals, and endless choices of pizza toppings.  I found that I just couldn't decide on my own, and ordered the 'chef's whim' special.

As we contemplated our sustenance, boats cruised by on the canal just feet from our table.  Many were loaded with boxes of cargo, handled my men with bored-looking expressions.  Accustomed to the beauty of their passageway, they motored along at the pace of their errands.

My pizza arrived.  Mushrooms, onions, artichoke hearts and cheese lay shimmering on top.

In the center was an egg.

An egg!

Canadians don't put eggs on their pizza - this was a novelty!  A delicious addition to the ambiance of where we sat, and the excitement everyone dealing with gluten issues will understand.   It was a delight to be able to order something healthy, tasty, and not likely to cause stomach uproars.  Yum!

How do you describe the thrills of eating a gluten-free pizza in Venice?

You don't.

It was simply a great moment to be alive

The canal, the boats, the quiet side street far out of the beaten tourist track, the sensory stimulation of European cobblestones and Venetian arched windows were each every bit as delicious as that unusual and delicious pizza.

Gluten-free has never tasted so good...