Many readers of this site are trying to find resolutions for problems and obstacles, which they face on a day-to-day basis in their work-place. A lot of them write to me seeking simple and easy to perform remedies to resolve work-place harassment, tension or pressure. For the benefit of such people, I have posted today a very easy to practice remedy, which has been described in an little known Indian Paranormal Tantra.

All that the person seeking to end job related obstacles and tension should do it to keep a Pod of Garlic[Lahsun Ki Phalli] in his or her purse or pocket, while going to the office, factory or any other type of work-place.

The Garlic Pod should be removed after coming back home and again taken to the office the next day, this procedure should be repeated until the job related problems are resolved. The Garlic Pod can be replaced, if it gets spoil or broken and replaced by another Garlic Pod.

Garlic remedy for job problems

This remedy is said to smoothen obstacles and problems in the work-place, including mental pressure, harassment and non-co-operation by the boss, superiors and envious colleagues.

Notes- this is s stand-alone Indian Paranormal Remedy and does not involve any ritual or Puja and Mantra-Stotra Chanting and can be commenced on any day.

There is a diverse range of other detailed remedies of all kinds for job and employment related activities published on this site.

It is a harmless remedy, which hardly takes any time or money to practice.