I was inspired to blog about this because of the sheer beauty of the project!  I found out about Jamaica By Air in a pretty roundabout way.   A man named Pierre made a comment on one of my blog posts today and as it turns out he used to be a member of an old Jamaica chat forum that I used to run.

Through Pierre’s comment it led me to his blog called Jamaica Trading Network which is where I found his blog post about this spectacular Jamaica By Air project!  It is a coffee table book full of images of Jamaica taken by helicopter from the air – a view of Jamaica that none of us ever get to see unless we pay the price for a helicopter tour.

The video below is the documentary of how the book was created and I highly recommend watching this video for the sheer beauty of the video images!  In fact, this video has almost inspired me enough to PAY for a helicopter tour of the island.  I’ve desperately been wanting to do it for years.


After watching the documentary I was curious to find out where the book can be purchased so I did some Googling and found it is available on Amazon.com RIGHT HERE.   It’s a little late to order it for Christmas but it’s never to late to just order it!

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did!  What a unique and awesome project!

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