Well it is now March in Japan, and that means Spring is getting ever so closer.  Although recently it certainly does not feel like it.  The last couple months we have gotten little opportunity to play outside with the girls.  When they are outside, especially in the yard and playground behind our house it is a precious time.  When they are inside they tend to fight more over toys and what TV show to watch or are just a lot more fussy in general. 

My guess is that being inside, close to each other with limited space to run, dance, and play, causes both stress and irritation.  The girls are all free-spirited and strong willed in their own way and as soon as somebody steps on somebody else`s toes, the bell rings and the craziness begins. 
Another thing about inside activity for most of the day is the issue of boredom. This eventually leads to a lot of trouble making, as we all know;  I.E. tearing wallpaper, writing on the furniture, getting into cabinets, sneaking snacks, and tons of other types of mischief.  Being one person having three girls to look after, chores to do, meals to make, and many other motherly duties leaves my wife exhausted when I arrive home from work. 

This makes winter the hardest time of the year.  Getting the kids outside makes a huge difference in home life.  Being able to let the kids be messy and creative outside is a real joy.  They almost naturally cooperate with each other in that context.  I see one talk to the other about making something and then the other ask one to bring a tool to the sandbox and it`s like all of a sudden I feel like a "good" parent! LOL

So I guess what I want to say is that at times winter has its charm, but for a parent of three, I can`t wait for spring much longer! So let`s get on with it.