Kerala is home to some of the most colorful festivals in the entire world. The festivals in Kerala are a true visual delight and the best way to enjoy the cultural heritage of the state. If you are planning to visit Kerala with some incredible Kerala tour packages provided by some of the authorized tour operators like Gogeo Holidays, then a cultural retreat enjoying some of the vibrant festivals of this God’s own kingdom would be the best way to get the real taste of this land. Each and every one of these is unique and is celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm.  All of these perfectly combines the historical culture and traditional beliefs of this state. The colorful dance performance, snake boat race, elephants which are magnificently bejeweled, rangolis, everything will be treated for your eyes.  Here are some must-see festivals to make your visit more enchanting.

The Snake Boat races – The Thrill in Backwaters

Backwater tourism is one of the main factors making Kerala a high-end tourism spot. If you are planning the visit during monsoon, don’t miss out this unique spot with Kerala Holiday Packages which is held on the backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom mainly. This largest water sport induces thrill and fire on otherwise calm sleeping backwaters here.  The charm of the elegant backwaters get elevated with this snake boat races and you can see thousands of people from all around the globe comes here to witness this vibrant festival.  The race is about winning and the unity among the precipitants and you can feel the thrill and spirit of it to the core.

Famous races- Champakulam Moolam Boat Race (Held in Alleppey), Nehru trophy boat race (Alleppey), payippad boat race (Payippad Lake)

When – Snake boat races are celebrated around the months of July to September

Theyyam- When the Gods take Human forms

Theyyam is most well-known which has many mysteries behind. It is said that the God himself take a form of the performer of the Theyyam. It is an 800-year-old festival art. Theyyam is an art form practiced handiest in Kerala and that too in a pick a part of its Northern Districts of Kannur, Kasaragod, and Calicut. it is a historic dance shape and a precursor to the greater stylized and less full of life Kathakali. Steeped in historic records it is an exceptional blend of the ethnographic influences inside the Kerala. The Theyyam performances are held in all the individuals get their resources together and have it performed 12 months after year within a dwindling availability of money and the exaggerated moral responsibility of preserving the traditions alive for their ancestors and their own family names.

Highlights: As mentioned above, mythological acts are the prominent theme of this festival. Many people dress up and paint like the performer while the performer undergoes dance of self-torture

When- Theyyam is conducted between the months of April to December

Onam Festival

One of the most important festivals of Kerala is onam which is the harvest festival here. It is held in the Malayalam month of Chingam during each year. There’s no better time to be in God’s country than the time of Onam festival take in the fragrances and flavors, revel in the points of interest and sounds of celebration as a whole global of festivities opens up to include you throughout Onam festival in Kerala. Onam brings out the first-rate of Kerala lifestyle and lifestyle and lasts for ten days.  One of the top attraction of this festival is the beautifully decorated pookalam and the famous Onasadya. Onam festival also shows green flag to the enthralling boat race festival all around Kerala. It will be a unique experience for you to witness this festival of joy and harmony with amazing kerala holiday packages for family.

Highlights- The festival is celebrated around ten days and commence with the parade of Athachamayam which held grand celebrations. There are different games, music dance performance called thiruvathira held as part of this festival

When- Onam is celebrated around the months of August and September

Temple festivals

There is not just a single festival to boast of. Every single festival of Kerala temples is unique its own. Most of these festivals are named after the temples they held in.  These annual extravaganzas mostly last for nine to ten days and are attended by a large crowd.

Highlights- The temples in which the festival held are decorated lavishly and you can see magnificently adorned elephants, loud music, and different kind of dance forms, fireworks and numerous traditional rituals during this time. The most famous one among these is the Thrissur program, actual pongala, vaikom temple festival etc. . Get to know the timings of these festivals  and book your Kerala holiday packages accordingly.

Vishu- The festival celebrating the first day of Malayalam year

Vishu is celebrated as the beginning of the new year as per the Malayali calendar and is one of the most important festivals in Kerala, most people celebrate at their home itself and family get-together take place with evening feasts and Sadhya is the highlight.

Highlights- Most of the celebrations usually take place in the households itself and a small vessel is decorated along with the idol of Lord Krishna and arranged in a traditional manner which is altogether known as the Vishu Kani. The tradition is that it should be the first sight everyone should see on the day of Vishu. Later in that day, a vegetarian feast known as Sadhya will take place in the home and everyone have the lunch together.  

When- It is celebrated on the month of April.

Attukal Pongala- The largest religious gathering of women

It is another popular religious festival in Kerala, which is exclusively conducted for the women. Regardless of the cast, religion, everyone gathers for this ritual, to offer their prayers and offerings for the Goddess Attukal Devi- the idol in the Attukal Devi temple in the city of Trivandrum. It has the Guinness record of being the largest religious gathering of women in the world, and on each year the number of people who attend the festival is increasing tremendously. You can experience the pongala festival of Kerala with famous Kerala tour packages for family.

Highlights- During the time of a festival, women dress up in the traditional attire and the ambiance is set perfectly with the religious music, parades and all. Ponkala means the rice prepared with jaggery which is considered to be the divine offering to the Goddess.

When- The festival take place in the months of February to March