So you are doing well with your Ecommerce business. You have many happy customers. Surely it means successful business with satisfied clients who love to keep coming back to your store every time they want to shop.

Most of the businesses begin with the uphill battle of appealing new customers towards the store to make their first purchase. However, in the process of building up an e-commerce business, most savvy business folks neglect the client's journey and satisfaction of existing customers. Ensuring that the clients are satisfied is crucial for long term business. Furthermore, in the competitive e-commerce arena, thousands of similar businesses are targeting the same customers that you have endeavored to earn. With the growing esteem of E-commerce platform over the internet, the customers’ online shopping experiences are enhancing. However, the process to maintain and keep up with the latest developments in the online e-commerce solutions domain is getting more complex for online store owners and retailers.

It is proven that it costs more than five times to market, attract and convert new customers of your e-commerce store than to encourage repeat business and woo existing customers. What is your brand doing to keep visitors engaged and make customers coming back for repeat business? So, if you haven’t considered customer retention as a serious strategy, then it is time to find out ways to improve customer retention in E-commerce.

Product delivery: Untimely product delivery means customer pain. You might sell excellent products with a superb shopping experience, however, all your efforts will go in vain if your customer has to wait long for receiving her/his orders.

  • Try to minimize the risk of missed deliveries.
  • Choose a loyal and trusted courier partner for timely deliveries.
  • Make sure that your customers get complete details about the status of their ordered products until they are delivered safely to their doorstep.
  • Get the packaging right to avoid any damage.
  • You should offer fast delivery options
  • Set and meet your customer’s expectation
  • You can also add little gifts and surprises to please your customers

All in all, think about everything you can think about the delight of customers and making them come back.

Great customer service: Do you think that having a well-designed e-commerce website and exclusive product range will be enough to lure the customers? Besides these, you need to offer great customer experience. Surely, this will improve customer retention percentage on your online store.

Here are some ways to offer excellent customer services:

  • You can find apt B2B E-commerce software solutions that give your business the robust capabilities of an enterprise-class B2B E-commerce platform to provide information-rich and easy shopping experience
  • Improve your email customer service
  • Answer customer call
  • Perk up your website with efficient e-commerce conversion optimization strategy
  • Offer free and easy returns
  • Provide refundable schemes
  • Your customers will be delighted to have post-purchase emails, event emails, reminder emails. This will add a personal touch.
  • Keep a record of customer preferences and buying history to present products accordingly.
  • Keep registration process simple. It should not be a barrier in their purchase. Make them understand huge benefits of registration like track orders, receive special discounts and offers easy repeat purchases.
  • Easy password/account retrieval

Customer loyalty programs: Offering rewards for loyalty is one of the best options for retaining the existing customers. When you offer additional value (like points) to customers for shopping at your store, less are the chances your customers will choose a competitor for their next purchase. You can develop a loyalty membership option and reward points. You can also encourage other profitable actions like social sharing, reviews, and referrals through this.

Customer retention is the future of E-commerce. It is time to focus on customer retention to sustain in the competitive E-commerce domain.