Cell phones have become an important part of our life today. We cannot go anywhere without them, and we depend on them for everything and today everyone has got 'one' whether a teen or an adult. But with all the facility and advantage, cell phones possess a threat to human health. It emits harmful radiation to connect the signal, and it affect us in many ways. A headache and nausea are the most common problems due to it. But it doesn't end here; world health organisation has confirmed that the harmful rays coming out of cell phones can damage your brain cells and cause brain cancer. In spite of knowing this, we can't stop using our cell phones because it has become a part of our lifestyle, but we can take some measures to avoid health risk while using cell phones. So, we here are providing you with some ways to reduce the health risk while using cell phones.

1.Avoid calls in elevators.

Always try to avoid calls in elevators or cars because first of all, it is very dangerous to talk while driving, and secondly the radiation emitting from your cell phones come back to you when you are in metal space. Your cell phone will also use more powerful radiation to connect in closed space of metal like cars or elevators, and that will affect you more.

2.Make a habit of using headset

We all use headphones and earphones for listening music and watching videos on our cell phones, but it is less obvious option in making calls. So, to avoid health risk due to cell phones, make a habit of using headphones while talking also. This will keep your cell phones away from your head, and you will not get affected by the harmful radiation that your phones emit.

3.Try to replace your calls with text when you can.

Yes, texting is less dangerous than calling because
While texting your cell phone is away from your head and radiation coming out of your cell phones are not in contact with your brain, so there is some reduction in health risk. One more factor is when you text, your phone uses less power in that work and therefore emits less radiation. So, now the teenagers who prefer to text than call are in less danger as compared to adults who always call.

4.Cut your gossips.

The invention of cell phones are boon to the human race, but overuse of anything lead us to danger. So, to avoid that danger, call only when it is necessary and if you want to gossip with your loved ones, use alternatives like land lines.This will reduce health risks.

5.Kids are in danger-prone area

It is a very serious issue that cell phones affect our children more than it affects us. They are highly affected, or you can say that the children get affected twice as compared to the adults due to harmful radiation emitted by cell phones.The sad part is today; even the toddlers know how to operate cell phones, but we don't know we are providing them with a dangerous means which can cause serious health problems. So, avoid giving cell phones to your child as much as possible.

6.Call only when you have full network

We often face problems in the network, and we still continue to talk.You would have often heard "can you hear me" around you. When people talk on cell phone. At that time, instead of continuing the call, one should drop the call and make the call again. This is because, in the low network area, your cell phone uses more power to connect and emits more radiation which is harmful. So, next time check your network before calling anyone to avoid heath risks.

7. Opt for low radiation phones.

Before buying mobile phones, we check its price and compare its features with other mobile phones on the internet. Next time, check about its emission of the harmful signal also and go for a low radiation phone.
So while going in for a Mobile phone may be important, but it is vital to take care of radiation hazards so as to be able to stay Fit and Healthy.