They say that aging is one of the causes that lead to the weakening of your brain’s performance.
As you grow older, your memory becomes out of form, this is why there are illnesses such as the unfortunate Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately, there are already known ways that can help you better your brain performance, thus giving you the protection from the dreaded brain deterioration.
Vitamins, especially vitamin B can also help maintain the fitness of your brain.
If you lack vitamin B, you are more prone to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and many other diseases.
So, you may want to include vitamin supplements in your everyday meal. If you do not feel like you need supplements, then you may want to cut down on your alcohol and cigarette consumption for these substances, together with coffee and sugar, can use up your body’s stock of vitamin B.
Aside from this, you should also try eating more beans and green veggies; these are rich in vitamin B.
One good prevention is the inclusion of colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet.
The brighter the color of the fruit or vegetable, the healthier and fresher it is – thus, the better.
As you may know, healthy foods help the body get rid of unhealthy toxins because these foods have antioxidants. If you follow this kind of diet, then you may have a 70% lower chance of suffering from dementia when you get older.
Stay away from junk foods.
Instead of munching on unhealthy foods, enjoy good fats such as fish and nuts and all those foods which are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. If you do this, you will have a higher chance of keeping your brain in its best shape.
Stress is another thing that you should avoid if you want a healthy brain.
Hence, you should protect yourself from being too stressed out and from being overwhelmed by all the drama that may come your way. Release your tension, relax and meditate so that you can give your body and your mind the time they need to recharge. Also, take enough rest and sleep.
Six to eight hours of sleep is highly suggested to keep your mind in its prime.
After a good rest, you should engage yourself in healthy activities. This will keep your body active.
We are not created to resist anything: we are created to Grow through Everything...

Finally, if you are exercising your body, you should exercise your brain as well

Always use your mind – think and rethink. There are a lot of activities that are designed to keep you thinking. Any type of activity from which you can learn is worth trying. Do not be afraid to explore, active learning is the key to your mind’s actual exercise.
As you know, the healthier you are the better; your brain should also feel the same way.
If you are doing all your best to keep yourself physically fit, you should also keep
yourself mentally fit. Fight all the factors that may cause the weakening of your brain
It may be true that as you get older, your memory also deteriorates.
But this does not mean that if you are younger, your brain is not capable of memory deterioration.
Aging is just one cause of memory loss, but there are other factors.
Thus, if you want to prevent this, you may want to read these tips to a better your brain performance.

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