A pretzel is a type of baked bread product made from dough most commonly shaped into a knot Pretzels originated in Europe, most likely among monasteries in the Early Middle Ages.  The traditional pretzel shape is a distinctive symmetrical looped form, with the ends of a long strip of dough intertwined and then twisted back into itself in a certain way ("a pretzel loop"). Pretzels now come in different shapes. Salt is the most common seasoning for pretzels, complementing the washing soda or lye treatment that gives pretzels their traditional "skin" and flavor through the Mallard` reaction; other seasonings include sugars, chocolate, glazes, seeds, and/or nuts. At SincerelyNuts, we want to continue this tradition innovating new flavors in our Pretzels, from our range are: Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels Forget the chocolaty flavor on pretzels and try out the new blueberry yogurt pretzels. Enticing and exciting in taste that is worth exploring, the salty yogurt pretzels are dipped in the tangy essence of blueberry flavor, giving you just the best to indulge in. Healthy and yummy without doubt, this yogurt pretzel in blueberry also makes for a grand appetizer at any time. Combining ingredients such as sugar, palm kernel oil, whey powder, yogurt powder, salt, vanilla, blueberry flavor and more. Raspberry Yogurt Pretzels Love the juicy and tantalizing flavor of raspberry? Then try out this yummy delicacy of raspberry yogurt pretzels that are made from the best quality ingredients such as vanilla, yogurt powder, palm kernel oil, sugar coating, soy lecithin etc. Dipped in smooth and melting yogurt, the pretzels are flavored in raspberry essence, making your snaking time more exciting and enjoying. This sweet yogurt dipped pretzels delight can also make for a yummy dessert for home parties; kids are sure to love it. Yogurt Pretzels Taste the salty pretzels dipped in the yummy smooth filling of yogurt that makes for a great sweet delight to try out. Great for kids and people who love to eat healthy, the pretzels in low fat yogurt can make for good snack item at afternoon. These pretzels can also be used to welcome sudden guests at home with ease and satisfaction. Made from elements such as salt, malt, flour, sugar, whey powder, artificial color, vanillin, yogurt powder, lecithin, tree nuts and more. Dark Chocolate Pretzels Cookies to pastries, every dessert will become more delicious as you sprinkle some Pave chocolate pretzels to it. Be it for your kid or a home party, these chocolate coated pretzels no doubt makes for an amazing snack item that can enhance your delight without limits. Exhibiting an incredible combination of salty flavor with the sour sweetness of chocolate, these chocolate pretzels are an amazing alternative for your appetite. Available in various package sizes, you can even store it easily at a dry and cool place. Bite in the crunchy essence of pretzel with the smooth delight of chocolate, making it an experience to cherish and appreciate. Milk Chocolate Pretzels Perfect for a lazy snacking time, the milk chocolate pretzels is your ultimate companion to indulge in some self-extravaganza. Add it to your party menu or to a bowl of yummy desserts to enjoy the amazing combination of sweet chocolate and the salty flavor of crunchy pretzels. Even for kids, this will make for a sure favorite that is made from the finest ingredient to ensure high nutrient value. Make any moment special with a handful of milk chocolate pretzels that are your easy solution to brighten up easily and effortlessly. You can even gift your loved ones with a pack of chocolate pretzels to express your care and love at any event or occasion. Dark Chocolate Pretzels with White Sprinkles Just a look at it and you are sure to fall in love with this new Pave Chocolate Pretzels with White Sprinkles. Made of real chocolate, that too dipped in white yoghurt sprinkles, this promises a yummy delight for all age groups. From parties to evening snacks, every moment can be made special with some of these chocolate covered pretzels that are sure to add unlimited glamour and gladness. Made from ingredients such as yeast, soda, sugar, flour, yogurt, artificial colors, vanillin, peanuts and more. Dark Chocolate Pretzels with Rainbow Sprinkles Vibrant and amazing to admire, the Pave Chocolate Pretzels with Rainbow Sprinkles reflects great taste added with marvelous play of colors. Having the best combination of crunchy feel loaded with the softness of chocolate, this chocolate sprinkles is truly out of the box. Decorate the cakes, ice creams and other dessert items with this multi-hued chocolate covered pretzels for kid’s party and enjoy the delight at the fullest. Made of ingredients such as wheat flour, salt, malt, yeast, sodium bicarbonate, folic acid and more. Visit SincerelyNuts website and get your favorite one.