Vier Monaten zu spät aber… pictures are too good to be lost forever in case our hard drives crashed.

My sister got married to her dream guy last July and it was a lovely day with all family members being present except one, my lovely brother. So much can be said about him and mostly in bad light but he is still a family and he is my only brother. But it was a close call as it was for the parents to get a visa when they have real estate properties and money, how much more for my penniless brother who just found a real job for the first time in his 31 years of existence.


So about the wedding, everyone flew in to Belgium to witness the 30,000 Euro event. Most of us were just shaking our heads about spending such money for one day. I would rather spend that amount to travel to places with Mann and Mirang but since it is NOT my money unfortunately, I just enjoy the food as much as I can with my families nearby.


Mom was a bit worried that I was wearing my wedding dress for the event and I cannot understand why. It is a good 100 Euro Philipinish dress that should NOT be worn once only in my life. Besides, if I do not like to spend much money for my own wedding, why should I go nuts over someone else’s wedding? I was just so happy though that the dress still fits 3 years after. Proof that I am not THAT fat. If you can call a 43kg 149cm woman fat.


But wedding is not about me and my dramas in life. I am happy for my sister and wish her and her family the best and was happy to be there for her as she was there for me.