There are many dances at a wedding. The first dance between the newlywed husband and wife is and will always be the pinnacle of the wedding dances. Second to that is arguably the father of the bride dance with his newlywed daughter. The pair have many moments throughout the wedding day, which highlight the love and dynamic unique to their relationship. Throughout the wedding, the father of the bride informally and formally gives away his daughter to her new husband. However, the only purpose of this dance, which follows the dance between the newlywed husband and wife, is the celebration of the love of the father-daughter relationship. There is not act of giving away the bride, which would bring bittersweet feelings. This is just a moment for a father and his daughter to dance on one of the most anticipated days of their lives.

father of the bride dance

The father and daughter enjoy knowing that regardless of life changes, including this recent marriage, that this natural bond is eternal. The crowd looks on observing a man who loves the bride timelessly and unconditionally. It would be difficult to gauge which loves the bride more.

father of the bride dance

This is a significant and memorable moment not only in the wedding, but in the lives of the father of the bride and his daughter. It is for this reason that brides have diligent difficulty choosing the most apt song for the occasion. This moment has the ability to reveal the depth of the father-daughter relationship, which is why it should be captured on camera. Depict the timeless relationship between the father of the bride and his daughter and all of the emotions that accompany it as she enters wifehood. This will create a wonderful photo, which will leave you with a lasting memento to pass on to future generations.

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