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wedding photo musts the mother of the groom with her son groomFamily is very important on the wedding day. We have already discussed capturing photos of the bride with her mother, the first look of the father of the bride, the groom with his father and both the bride and groom with their grandparents. Family members usually play integral parts in the wedding ceremony and reception. There are many recognized wedding traditions involving family members. These include the father giving away his daughter bride at the altar and dances between parents and their newlywed children. There are also unofficial traditions such as siblings and other relatives acting ushers, ring bearers and members of the wedding party. Besides the new union forged by the bride and groom, these are the most important bonds to capture on film on the day of the wedding.

wedding photos musts the mother of the groom with her son

It is fairly easy to capture the bride with her mother and groom with his father on film before the wedding ceremony. Each often helps their bride daughter and groom son dress for the wedding. The father of the bride also has a moment alone with his daughter bride as he prepares to walk her down the aisle. For grooms who walk down the aisle with their mother, the moments before and the event itself offer ideal photo opportunities. Here you can capture the bond between mother of the groom and her son as he prepares for his marriage. For those who do not choose to have the mother of the groom accompany her son down the aisle, finding moments of the two  alone together in an uncontrived manner may be difficult. It is important, though, to capture their love for one another in a genuine way during the day. That will be far more memorable for each of them and their family than a staged photo of smiles straight at the camera. Any photos of the two together will be lovely, but the less staged the more powerful they are. It may be difficult to capture this bond naturally, but a mother’s love is worth capturing in an authentic way on this important day.


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Wedding Photo Musts: Mother of the Groom with her Son