If you are lucky, or maybe just organized, you have your ceremony and reception in the same venue. If however this is not your cup of tea, you now have the responsibility of finding two separate venues. I was that woman, two venues are what I had dreamt of; A beautiful church for my ceremony and then a unique but fashionable reception venue. It sounds so magical, until you have to sift through locations trying to find one that is not only available but also priced right for your budget.

One would think that I would have had it all figured out by the time my partner and I decided to finally set our date. We had been engaged since 2014 and only got around to the idea of dates in late November of 2016. The truth is that I imagined what I would want, I had ideas and dreams, but when it finally came down the nitty gritty everything was above the cost we wanted to spend. So I started to search for my perfect spot, something I would feel good about. This is where I ran into my next problem, availability. When we set our date for August 5, it never dawned on me that it was a long weekend. With less than nine months to go, venue availability was slim picking. Throughout planning I have tons of requests and opinions thrown my way about practically every fine detail. When it came to choosing reception location, I ended up being my own worst enemy. This was the piece that I mulled over constantly growing up and it was extremely difficult to let go of my unrealistic childhood fantasies. Your best friend when it comes to venues will be your décor. You can make any place look less of a drab if you throw in a bunch of flowers, sparkles, and mood lights. I was fortunate and found a place that required minimal decorating. This was a huge relief so I put my décor ideas on the back burner and secured my venue. Of course this wasn’t the smartest of ideas and would come back to bite me later.

My troubles with my venue did not stop once I had secured it, of course there had to be a battle over the layout as well. I would envision one thing or another meanwhile other important parties involved had other desires for the space. What size or shape of tables, where to put the tables, what about the bar, the DJ, where is the dance floor, over there, what about over here? It was a constant back and forth mix master of changing opinions that had me completely flustered. Finally I had my vision described and locked down despite other wishes and inputs; it was still going to be perfect.

Now it is important to remember that everyone means well. At most times people closest to us can make our planning and implementing process extremely difficult. They only want it to be perfect as well. We just have different dreams and visions. When it comes to the big day, it will be perfect, you will be happy; it will all be worth it. However, this is you and your partner’s day; it is the day that two become one. It should be about you, what you want, and what makes you shine. I have been told countless times, “then I won’t be happy” or “It is about making me happy!” Then Let me be perfectly honest, if the bride and groom are happy on their wedding day, then so should you. It is that simple, and if it is not, it should not be up to the wedded couple to worry about such unhappy and unpleasant people.

The wedding day should be focused on love. Love and support from family and friends, love for each other, and the unity of two families forging a new link. The venues are just places, buildings, they do not make happiness. The unbreakable bond of love committed on this day is what creates happiness.