It was pouring rain as we left the farm last Thursday morning for a seven hour drive north. We were looking forward to our visit with Jim’s daughter and her family who live an hour north of Seattle. About twenty minutes south of Seattle, it stopped raining and the sun came out…and stayed out for the rest of the weekend.  On Friday morning, we left their house early for the drive to Anacortes, Washington, where we caught the ferry for our three hour trip to Victoria, British Columbia.

I couldn’t help being a little reflective as the ferry got underway…my last ferry trip to Victoria was in 1965. I was a nineteen year old college student, traveling with a group of other “summer missionary” college students. That story is here.

Jim and I were in Victoria last July for a brief few hours hours during a stop on our Alaskan cruise, but a few hours just weren’t enough.  I was glad we were going to have two whole DAYS this time.  We walked all about Victoria…up and down the historic streets enjoying the shops along the way, along the water’s edge where the sailboats were lined up and into the Empress Hotel.  I remembered having “tea and crumpets” there with a group of college students when I was nineteen.  The Empress Hotel is in the background of the Wikipedia photo below.


On Sunday, we spent the day at Butchart Gardens – a historic, incredible place to be sure.  I took all the photos in the slideshow below on Sunday.  To be honest, I don’t think photos do this beautiful place justice.  You’ll just have to go visit.  I do the best I can with the built-in macro lens on my Sony DSC-H5 but I would love to have a separate powerful macro lens!


The weather in Victoria was beautiful – 72 degrees and sunny with a light breeze.  We enjoyed our time with almost three year old Mason and his Mom and Dad.  I love watching grandfather and grandson acting like two kids together.  It was a fun weekend and one I will remember for another long time…

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