Weekly Wrap-Up


I’m deeply troubled by our President Elect
I’m deeply troubled for the future of the U.S. of A.
I’m deeply troubled that Maurice and I can’t afford to leave our country.
I’m deeply troubled I may never finish my manuscript.
I’m deeply troubled about many things, but the good news is so are millions of others. This validates the concerns I’m having and makes them okay.

The concerns I’m having are legitimate and situational. Last week I did not deal with chronic depression, mania or anxiety. I think, after all these years, I’ve finally learned how to know if I’m depressed or if I’m depressed. All things considered that makes it a good week.


My current weight is 263.6.

I don’t make New Year resolutions, but I’m committed to lose 100 lbs exactly one year from today. Sure I want to get back into my old clothes; Sure I want to look better, but my primary reason for losing weight is because I’d like to be on this little planet of ours as long as I can.

Over the past year I haven’t gained or lost. I’ve been on Weight Watchers during that time and will continue to stay with them because I know they work. In the past I lost a lot of weight through their program and have seen others around me lose as well. The key is I cannot go to the weekly meetings and not follow the plan. You can’t lose through osmosis. The plan does work if you work it.


Another week of not going so great. I’m still stuck on some of the major changes that need to be made. I’ve reached the point that writing is as much of a job as it is my passion. It’s frustrating, but I’m still thrilled over what I’m doing.


Writing wasn’t the best, but I only gained one pound over Christmas and I’m recommitted to losing weight. My mood has been balanced and I’min good spirits. I grade last week a B-