Welcome to Garland Source Transportation and Logistics Recruiting, thanks for taking the time to learn about my service.  Established in February of 2015, my goal is to provide quality and knowledgeable recruiting services to the transportation community.

I offer extensive management recruiting experience across a tremendous variety of logistics services and management levels. Over the past 16 years I have developed an excellent network of people and an understanding of numerous transportation and logistics operations. Regardless of whether you are a candidate or client, the value from experience in bringing people and companies together, from start to finish, is a true asset in selecting a recruiting partner.

The complexity of a good recruiter is often overlooked. During my career in recruiting I have worked hard to establish myself not only as someone who is knowledgeable about transportation and its many facets, but also someone that is reliable to work with. Understanding what is needed to fill a specific role, the unique business model, company culture, and where to find that right fit isn’t something easily learned. It also takes special skills and relatability to network, cold call, and potentially have someone open up about their career with a person they just encountered. Working through negotiations on compensation, COBRA, vacation, relocation, and so much more is another impact area to consider when assessing a recruiter selection. I have relationships that have been formed and maintained for well over a decade which are built on mutual trust and respect. Despite its vast size, transportation can be a very small community. That is something I keep in mind every day and consistently work to maintain a quality driven reputation.

I always strive to do the best I can for everyone involved. I work to understand as much as I can about a client and how to facilitate a successful hire. Equally, I want to gain insight into what the candidate is capable of, interested in doing, and their motivation for exploring opportunities. If you are a client, working with an established recruiter who knows the industry and who will professionally represent your company is critical in attracting top talent and reducing the odds of a poor hire. If you are a candidate, I understand and empathize with the stress involved with leaving a job and possibly uprooting your family. This is an incredibly important human interaction that I take very seriously. My goal is not to have the biggest job board, but to focus on service with quality and integrity for everyone.

Please watch for my future blogs discussing topics such as resume tips, interviewing, hiring, and industry topics.