Hmmm, is that a rather cryptic title for this Topicability blog post?  If  you are from the United States, you probably get that; if you are from the United Kingdom, you might be thinking "what are you talking about?"  Remember my previous Jaguar Julie Blog On blog post, Who IS Listening I Wonder?

Well, I was wondering this morning "Who IS Listening?" And, more importantly "do they really get IT?" I honestly think that worldwide there is a bit of information and meaning that gets lost in translation. Sometimes you may have a humorous message and you wonder if that "humor" is totally understood?

Well What ABOUT You and About Me?

You probably noticed that I missed the first topic in the line-up, alphabetically speaking.  About Me.  Well, what about ABOUT ME?  Yes, indeed.  Today we are exploring the Squidoo Top 100 in the About Me Topic / Category.

Wordle: Squidoo Top 100 Lenses in About Me Topic Category

Take a look at the Wordle tag cloud for About Me. Isn't it pretty? I think it is particularly COOL people that Lensography is the primary buzzword there. We have thefluffanutta Tim to thank hugely for coining the word Lensography! Thank YOU Tim! You rock and are cool people too.What buzzwords I'm seeing next are Things, Life, List, Love, Bucket, Make, Squidoo and Happy ... oh and a bunch more!  Isn't that cool, people?  What do you see there?  That Wordle summarizes the various topics of those 100 lenses in the About Me category, the cream of the crop.

And, here would be that lens mosaic of the Squidoo lensmasters with the most lenses in the Top 100 of About Me!  The one Squidoo lensmaster with the most spots in the Top 100 of the Squidoo About Me Topic / Category is Momtothezoo with 4 lenses. She is followed up by jptanabe with 3 lenses in the Top 100.

Eight different Squidoo lensmasters have 2 lenses each in the Top 100 of the Squidoo About Me Topic / Category. Alphabetically they are: Evelyn_Saenz, JaguarJulie, Kylyssa, LeanneChesser, Ramkitten, Tipi, WebSpinstress, AND WindyWinters.

Wordle: Squidoo Lensmasters in the Top 100 of About Me Topic

Seventy-Seven Squidoo lensmasters have a spot in the Top 100 of the Squidoo About Me Topic / Category. Yeah I say! This is the best, so to speak, representation thus far of all the categories or topics that I have taken time to spotlight here on the Topicability blog. You know? Sorry for the editorial comment, but I do really really think that the ABOUT ME topic should showcase ONE lens each that is the showcase lens on each Squidoo lensmaster – I’d like to see ALL Squidoo lensmasters with a showcase About Me lens that would be featured in this topic. P.S. Of course we are ASSUMING that none of these are multiple IDs for prominent or other Squidoo lensmasters, you know?

So, here are those 77 Squidoo lensmasters who have ONE spot in the Top 100 of the Squidoo About Me Topic / Category – shown alphabetically: 24websurf, a_willow, aj2008, AlishaV, ArtByLinda, bdkz, bethd821, Boshena, cdcraftee, Cherrybomb2009, chloecavanaugh, dagsmith, damagedinc, dannystaple, DARdreams, d-artist, dc64, dfishbac, Dkprincess6, EverythingMouse, flowergardener, Flynn_the_Cat, Hillandglen, hlkljgk, Janiece, JDWheeler, jennerator, JenOfChicago, Jewelsofawe, KimGiancaterino, KNicholls, LindaJM, lindarandall, LittleCansofBeans, LoKackl, Lotusland, loveunmeasured, luvmyludwig, madjewel, makingamark, Marti, mbgphoto, MoneyPearl19, NanLT, naturegirl7, neverbobomalem, OhMe, PatrickBernauw, Pmona, poisonousangel, ponchomeg, Pukeko, puzzlemaker, rickybuitrago, RocketMoms_Graduates, Rokusan, RyanAndersonP, ShirlW, sixfiguremonths, spirituality, spunkyduckling, Stazjia, StephenC, Susan52, susannaduffy, Sylvestermouse, thefluffanutta, theraggededge, Timewarp, Tinw, ulla_hennig, unbroken_hope, Vacation-In-My-Head, vallain, watercarfuel, WordCustard, AND x3xsolxdierx3x.

This spotlight on the About Me Squidoo Topic is part of a continuing series of spotlight blog posts showcasing the many Squidoo Topics here in the Topicability blog:

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