As Christians, we have been adopted into a spiritual family and God is our Father!

Romans 8:17 says it best, “… We are God's children … heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ...” The Father/Child relationship that most of us enjoy today with our God, grants us an audience with the Creator of the Universe who loves to be called Abba Father Aka a Daddy. That is right, our God who is a Father Aka Daddy loves us with an everlasting love. Our God who is a Father Aka a Daddy loves to give good gifts to His children.

Church, there are many men who produce children, but never father or daddy a single one of them.

However, our God who is a Father and a Daddy not only births us into His family through the blood of His son Jesus, but our Father who is a Daddy has the will, the resources and the ability to Father us as a good Dad does.

When we come to God 24/7, He never says, “Do not bother me. I have a universe to run.”

Here is the truth! Our God … who is a Father and a Daddy … is not just a Sunday Father, interested only in our spiritual welfare. Our God … who is a Father and a Daddy … is an everyday father, concerned about our stomachs, our siding, our salaries, our sicknesses, our sadness, the sale of our homes, our sandals and our souls. Our salvation and our evening meal come from the same hand. Our God … who is a Father and a Daddy… is committed to caring for us. We do not have to wrestle crumbs out of His reluctant hand. We serve a buffet God; we do not have to settle for table scraps!

Our provision is His priority. BE ENCOURAGED TODAY!

So, with all of that said, what persistent, desperate, bold or ridiculous prayer do you need to be praying based on God being your Father and your Daddy?