Looking at our prompts today, I was tempted to pick the first one and share what I’ve learned from blogging here. Then I thought, I’d rather share my thoughts on Everyday Gyaan and leave you with extracts from how  well-known bloggers have answered this question.

What Have You Learned From Blogging?

Michael Hyatt :’ What I’ve Learned about BLogging From Writing More than 1000 Posts‘.

Blogging has helped clarify my own thinking. This is the single biggest benefit of blogging to me. It’s why I started blogging to begin with. Sometimes I joke that I don’t really know what I think about a subject until I have blogged about it. Writing helps me untangle my thoughts.

Blogging has given me a way to build a platform. When I started, a platform involved having a radio or television show, a bestselling book, or a highly visible speaking career. It took money, fame, or both. It was mostly unavailable to the average person. Since that time, blogging has provided a way for almost anyone to gain visibility and build an audience.

Justin Wright on Darren’s Rowse’s Problogger: 5 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Blogging

Relationships Are Everything

When I started on my blogging journey, the last thing on my mind was making friends and creating relationships with other bloggers. It’s not that I didn’t want to make friends, it just wasn’t something I had thought of when starting out. I failed to realize early on that besides making money and sharing your voice through blogging, you can also network with people from around the world.

Almost a year later, my mindset has shifted to the point where making friends and networking is one of the most important aspects of my blog. Instead of spending every second working on my own blog, I make sure to go out and leave feedback on other blogs. Not only does it help fellow bloggers out by increasing their comments, it keeps them motivated to keep writing. It helps you meet new people and create a network of friends that all share a similar hobby.

These friends and contacts can help you when you need blog advice, marketing, or a place to stay while traveling (it’s been done).


Joshua Becker on Becoming Minimalist – 11 Life Skills Learned  Blogging

Promoting others. Blogging has helped teach me the pie is not finite – there is plenty of success to go around. One man’s/woman’s success does not mean less opportunity for my own. In fact, their success can be yours if you help them get there. In short: Compete less, encourage more.

Henri  Edberg on The Positivity Blog: 9 Life Lessons I Have Learned From Blogging

You get what you give. I think any social interaction is to a large part about exchanging positive feelings and people giving some kind of value to each other. That value could be helpful hints, hugs, a listening ear, something fun or just new photos of Lady Gaga with some strange hat on.

This goes for blogging. This goes for any conversation or interaction.

If you are trying to get other people to always give you more value than you give them – in real life or on your blog – then you suck the positive feelings out of the place. And people will become less and less likely to want to hang around and interact with you.

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Prompts for this week:
1. Things you’ve learnt since you started blogging
2. What’s your most favourite word and why?
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4. “You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.” – Jodi Picoult (My Sister’s Keeper) – Use this quote in your post or to inspire your post
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