Just some fun sales from last year that didn’t make it to the blog yet.

Piece of leather cut out from the back of a couch. Who would do that?? Well, my dad used to do things like that. I still have a piece of wool fabric from one of our 1960s chairs, that I rescued from mom’s attic. It’s still waiting to be worked into a brooch display. This summer I hope!

I thought the leather would be perfect for craft projects and I’m sure my buyer did too.

Children’s chair, 4+ year olds version, to put on the back carrier of bicycles. Cracked plastic, I fixed it with duct tape, didn't matter to buyer. Sold after one day. Kids learn to ride at 5-6 here, so it would be soon out of use.

Miffy suitcase. Out of retail. Found across the street. Grandmother needed a third one for third grandchild. With shipping she paid more than the original sales price, but she was more than happy to.

Soft body doll found on favourite curb. Took a bit of effort to get it clean, but it was the best of a bag with more toys. They will go to the next outdoor market.

Vintage Arcopal dishes in mint condition. Unfortunately since half of France knows they are popular in the US prices on Etsy and Ebay have dropped dramatically. My mom had that fruit design and I think it’s the most common. I was happy with whatever I got for them.

Single flower vase. A mid day trophy on a trip to paper or glass recycling dumpster.

Bird cage. It was quite a weight with groceries loaded on my bike already and I came home with cramp in my hand, but the sale was worth it.

These are the kind of items I love to sell. Value EUR 5-15, they go out quickly after listing, I’m able to give buyers a good deal, with still getting a decent price for me and always happy faces at the door or grateful emails afterwards.