Written by: ketaki Joshi.
As College students, we would celebrate the Rose day almost every year. Invariably every guy would carry five to six Roses with him and almost all gals would go back with at least two or three Roses in their bags, making “Rose Day” absolutely pathetic.

One evening I got a call from a dear friend of mine. It was pouring. The sound of rains subdued her voice. All that I could hear was “come over, be fast, I am waiting.”
45 minutes later, from the corner of her lane, I could see here waiting at the door. By the time I reached her gate I was drenched by the rain, which for some reason I wasn't enjoying. However, she hardly noticed me. She came out running near the gate and pointed towards her window. All that I could see, was a Rose.

“Did I come all the way just to see this???”

“ No sweetie, this Rose is not like the ones we get in college. It is very Special.! I will preserve it all my life. It means a lot to me.”

By then she was dripping wet, just the way I was. “ Ketaki, I love the rains, its been a beautiful day for me! Come in. I have more to show ya.

Haha.. :) The Rose indeed had made her day beautiful. Coming back home, trying to sleep, her voice echoed in my mind, “ It was the Perfect Proposal. There were Roses, there were chocolates, there was a small gift for me and my guy on his knees asking me to date him. It was all just so romantic.” Being one of the most unromantic creatures on this earth, I smiled as I wondered how typical all of this was and slept off.

Next morning I got up early, and the mind started working, right were it had stopped. “Roses really are so symbolic, so strong and subtle. For ages people have used Rose as a medium to convey love, care, respect."A decent number of relationships might have started with a Rose, would mine too??" With a lot of thoughts running at the background, I started getting ready for college. In class we were studying a theory where a wider concept could have been used, but a narrower one was chosen. On questioning my mam how come nobody ever realized this and challenged it, she said. “ the wider concept is very much right, but these are set laws coming straight from England. It’s been followed for ages and that is why you must follow it without questioning it. OR ELSE, you always have the choice to go fight yourself to change it the way you want.”

That night I dreamt of giving a Sunflower to my guy and telling him, “You’ve made my life as bright and beautiful as this little thing in my hand. Just like this flower lives looking at the Sun, I live looking at You honey.!” Yes ! Why Not? For me the flower doesn’t matter ! what matters is the thought behind it. What matters is the intention of do you really mean it. Matters like proposals, where you can be most innovative, why restrict yourself to set norms??
By the way, that friend of mine is happily dating, another guy. I wonder if she still has that Rose with her. I too have a rose, well preserved (physically and mentally) but it is dry and the colors have faded.

Yes, roses do mean a lot to me, and if they mean a lot to you, leave them where they are. They look most beautiful, romancing with the nature. Don’t kill them, to show your love to someone else. There can’t be anything romantic about it.
For me an ideal proposal would be just the two of us, without any gifts, incentives, or any other superficial attractions (rather distractions). Don’t create a romantic atmosphere to make me feel romantic, I may not. Be romantic from within, enlightening the atmosphere and that would be the perfect gift.
Lets see how much one can impress without the help of a Rose? Please Note: These thoughts are expressed by Ketaki Joshi, a resident of India, who loves blogging. Have a good day.!

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